Police Respond to Standoff in Carbon County

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SUMMIT HILL -- A man who had himself barricaded inside a home in Summit Hill for hours surrendered to police Wednesday morning.

That standoff just came to an end just before noon.

Loud booms shook the neighborhood along North Oak Street in Summit Hill.

It all started just before 4 a.m. Wednesday.

Police say they got a call from a woman saying her ex-boyfriend, Fred Evans, 41, of Summit Hill, was threatening to kill himself.

"While speaking with her, he drove past me. I tried stopping him with lights and sirens and he had no response, drove in front of his house, fled out of the vehicle and then went into his home," said Summit Hill Borough Police Officer Todd Woodward.

Police say Evans barricaded himself inside the home on East Richards Street. It took state troopers about eight hours to get him out. They used tear gas and then entered the home.

"They found him hiding and they took him into custody without incident," said Officer Woodward.

This is not the first run in the police have had with Evans. They've dealt with him in other incidents in the past.

"Back in December of 2012 on a different street, he held up. He filled the house with propane and threatened to blow the block up."

Police say Evans has a history of mental illness and a drug problem.

Neighbors hope something like this never happens again in their neighborhood.

"After two times, there's no excuse for this," said Joe Kosalko. "The man needs help and that's all I can say right now. It's scary. It's just a good thing nobody got hurt. That's all I can say is that nobody got hurt."

Evans will be held at the hospital for three days. He will then undergo a psychological evaluation before he will be charged for running away from police.



    I think 90 percent of my town in the coal region had mental illness growing up. I dont know if it was the cogen coal dust, polluted water, the molestation by priests and coaches or the drinking enormous amounts of alcohol.

    • Sexysal69

      Everyone thinks the Ashland ABA parade was shut down due to costs. Someone told me it was due to rampant man-boy contact on the parade floats. Makes sense if you think about it – Ashland Boys Association? Gross. Sounds like a cover up. There are some real suspect characters in that town…weird son of police officer, Mayor/youth DARE program leader, street lurkers, and that guy that was bathing and shaving a young boy. Is there something wrong in that town or what! The adults there just keep looking the other way

  • No Humanity ?

    Seriously Take him out? what if this was your son, dad, boyfriend, friend, or relative? Someone with a mental state of mind you decide to shoot him and if he was in jail maybe the jail systems needs to properly release these humans out into the real world, Never think your above anyone else it can happen to anyone. I pray you never go to jail and I pray you never become mentally ill. When did humans loss there compassion for life? What if it was for you or your loved one, would it be a different story? I understand the time and commotion that it has effected the others lives but if you are mentally in capable of understanding how important life is to yourself you need help not put downs. once again society showing how to push people down further when there down. Im sorry we are not all as perfect as yourself. So sad to say kill them. I pray this never happens to you.

    • Sleuthy Chief

      Have you ever taken a walk through the vo-tech woods in Frackville? It’s a sex roamer place of congregation. Lots of souls have been taken there

  • Take 'em out!

    These cops need to just take these idiots out. After they get released from prison they’re only a burden on society for the rest of their lives after being roto-rootered in prison day after day.

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