Governor Tom Wolf Talks Budget Issues

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JIM THORPE -- Only half the battle of passing the Pennsylvania state budget has been won in Harrisburg.

The state spending plan became law on July 1, 2017, but how to pay for it is still up in the air.

On a tour through Jim Thorpe in Carbon County, Newswatch 16 asked Governor Tom Wolf where it all stands.

"It's just taking a long time and I am not sure why. I just learned that we have a credit downgrade that I have been spending three months to try and say, 'Let's get this done,'" said Governorย Wolf.

The downgrade in credit rating means it will cost the state more money to pay back our debts.

Now, the governor is calling for action to get everything passed.

"We already have a tax increase, and it's from the credit downgrade. Everyone is going to pay more interest. The municipalities, the counties, the school districts as well as the state, so that is happening," said Governor Wolf.

The budget is currently in the hands of the Republican-led legislature.

State Representative Doyle Heffley says there are gaps in the proposed $32 billion budget.

"I think that we are looking at some reserve funds and restricted accounts and some other areas where we can pull some dollars from that wouldn't impact any ongoing projects and it's very critical to me to me to not impact any ongoing projects but I think there is money there, still some of a gap to make up. I would hope that next week when we are back in Harrisburg that the Senate will send something over, we can concur on this and get this process completed," said Rep. Doyle Heffley, (R) Carbon County.

Newswatch 16 also asked the governor if there is a risk of government shutdowns due to the delay in passing the budget.

"We are finally at a point when I think people need to realize we have to reconcile the differences in the Senate and the House and I am hoping that we will get something by October 1," said Governor Wolf.

Newswatch 16 also asked the governor about what the state might do if the latest health care bill to repeal Obamacare passes Congress.

The governor says he is doing everything he can to try and prevent it because it would cost people in the state millions a year.


  • Extortion

    More Pa Jokes cited by the Federation for American Immigration Reform,
    FAIR claimed Pennsylvaniaโ€™s estimated annual illegal immigration expenses include:
    $575.85 million for education
    $332.11 million for social assistance
    $74.28 million for justice-related costs
    $395.63 for other expenses

    See Tommy , Just another reason among many for not enough Money for a budget.

  • ๐Ÿ™„

    This fool is talking budget issues and yet giving Hazelton an $850,000 interest free loan? Hey, how about giving all the tax payers some interest free loans? Yeah right! That’ll be the day! What a crock of poo!!!!

  • magicmikexxsm

    Hey gov Wolf, maybe you can raise the gas tax by another 2 cents, then siphon the money off for other programs. you know like your do to supplement the State Police Budget……hahahahahhaha sad…

  • magicmikexxsm

    Governor Tom Wolf = idiot so lets raise the budget, oops how we going to pay for it????? couldn’t you people just hold the line and not increase the amount programs are getting, and maybe just cut some of the lesser programs …
    Wolf, do you run your business Wolf Distributing in York, the same way?

  • the tax collector

    Lets cut welfare. To all white Pennsylvania Trump supporters. That is the largest welfare debt. White American hypocrites.

  • Robert

    They should have titled this article. PA’s budget failure may postpone EBT deposits. This article would have exploded with comments. LOL, but posting here is like singing with the choir.

  • mike

    How does a state that is broke themselves give a interest free loan of $800,000 to a city that has been irresponsible? Yes you Hazelton.

  • Robert

    You all do realize PA has a approximately 12.1 BILLION, yes that’s with a B, dollars in slush funds escrowed in a number of departments held by the treasury. 218 varied departments have not spent the moneys budgeted to them over a number of years that continue to accumulate. Instead of returning these unspent budgeted dollars they are sequestered. Excuses for this practice vary and some may be valid. But, while your government struggles to generate a valid budget there are funds available that are not considered as usable. What I have written is fact, do some due diligence, act like a responsible citizen and investigate this on your own, and show me where I’m wrong. Most of you wouldn’t have a clue where to start. Enter my opinion. The voting majority of the taxpayers of PA, have no clue what is going on in Harrisburg. Until that changes fools will rule the day. So while your sitting down watching the football team of a school district on strike, give my words some thought.

  • Boone

    The sheepish Wolf is following in the footsteps up the Rendell administration whom I might add never passed a budget by deadline not once and who also failed Pennsylvania big time! Remember when slick Eddie promised that table games would abolish property taxes? I just listened to the clip again and all the demoRATS wanna do is complain about Trump grabbing a porpoise! Maybe the democratic party needs to grab something and get moving! Most people today don’t realize that being a legislator back in the day was all volunteer work and the same legislators who ran the country also had full time jobs! Today they argue for 6 weeks and vacation the rest of the year! It’s time to stand up America!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    You know what? At the end of the day, I don’t think I care about the states stupid budget. Or the country’s, or the county’s or the township’s, or the school district’s, or my neighbors.

    I care about mine.

    • Robert

      Yea, but it sure sucks when your inline at the food store envious of the goodies being purchased by the people before you, and then out comes the access card.

      • JD

        Used to be, only certain items were allowed to be bought with food stamps, and as a former cashier, I don’t recall things like steak, shrimp and lobster being on the list. Maybe they were, but people were more frugal back then. Or maybe, the program has gotten out of hand and needs to change. And teachers need to live within their means too. I know they pay taxes too, but every time they get more money, their and our taxes just go up again. How are they gaining anything?

      • ๐Ÿ™„

        Not every one just blows what they get from the access card. My family receives money with the ebt card and guess where we shop, Aldi and Schiff’s. So don’t just make assumptions that everyone who receives a little help just blows it all on nonsense. Yes my husband works but we still can’t quite make it. So to put everyone in the same category is just wrong.

      • ๐Ÿ™„

        Who is going to take care of my kids then? I don’t just let anyone watch them. Don’t even say daycare either cuz I’d die first before I send them there. My family all work so you’re so smart and have all the answers Lloyd what do you suggest?

  • ๐Ÿ™„

    All demcrays are money hungry. That’s all they care about. They don’t think about what’s best for everyone just what they want. He needs to get gone and be replaced with a republican who will actually do the right thing!

  • Lance

    I wish the politicians in Harrisburg budget themselves like we do. Yeah we would like to take that great vacation but if there is no money we say maybe next year and do without. Same for a desire for a new car. We make do fix what we have a continue. These guys have one of the largest gas tax in the country. Yet it gets spent as quickly as thwy receive it. How is it possible penndot puts down a road and less than a year after it is opened rip it up again (route 6 around Dalton) . They spend money foolishly. No one cuts back. Each department spends more so their budget wont be cut. We face what we can spend every day. They don’t care, they have been kicking the can down the road. Well we ran out of road. Stop trying to fund impossible dreams and pay down our debt.

    • JD

      Not to worry Lance. They’re building “new roads” as we speak. Do you think they’ll build and maintain them any better than the ones they already have? Nah. But it looks good on paper.

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