Concern in Milton after Kidnap Attempts

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MILTON -- Twice in the last few months, police say people posed as Northumberland County Children and Youth employees and tried to take children.

Parents and grandparents in Milton tell Newswatch 16 the unsettling part of this is not knowing. Milton police have not yet said if they believe the attempted abductions are random or targeted. Either way, parents are being extra cautious.

Joanne Litz of Milton took her young granddaughter Sofia for a walk. Litz watches Sofia and her siblings sometimes. After she heard about two recent attempted kidnappings in Milton, Litz is on guard even more than usual.

"I just protect my little ones, my grandkids. That's my first priority."

According to Milton police, two people claiming to be Children and Youth employees showed up at a home in the Georgetown Apartments. They tried to take the couple's children. A similar incident happened earlier this summer.

Everyone Newswatch 16 spoke with in Milton knew about the Children and Youth impostors. They are concerned.

"It's so hard not to allow people into your home that says they are Children and Youth, even police officers," Litz said.

Northumberland County Children and Youth says the best way to prevent this is to check the person's ID. If you're still suspicious, call Children and Youth to confirm the name.

"You don't know who is on the other side of the door, if you can see them," said Brandon Fiedler.

Milton police have not said if these attempted abductions are random or targeted or what the motivation could be.

"Maybe they think by targeting these people over there, the low-income housing areas, they think they can intimidate these people?" wondered Chris Smith.

Milton police advise residents to stay vigilant and to report any suspicious activity no matter how small it seems.


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  • Bill K.

    Allegedly attempted to enter the home. No witnesses in either case. Just a story someone made up to get attention. Or as an excuse for missing an appointment. The descriptions are so vague. “It was a person. There was a car nearby. Person had tattoos”. Just very odd that no neighbors saw anything. Especially with how close together those homes in the Georgetown apartments are. There certainly would have been a ruckus. Someone would have at least looked out the door to see what was going on.


    Another sick roamer in NEPA. I thought the Skook was the area leader for the weirdos ; I guess northumberland is following suit.

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