Abington Heights Teachers to Return to School Friday, Second Strike Planned for January

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP -- It was a contentious school board meeting Wednesday night as the Abington Heights School District is now seven days into a teachers strike.

But in a surprise announcement by the union president, he says teachers will return to class on Friday.

So why are parents still upset?

“I am choosing to leave tonight on a positive note, return to our homes and prepare for work on Friday. I thank you for your time,” said Abington Heights Education Association President Tim Moher.

After delivering that message to the Abington Heights School Board, Moher and his union members promptly walked out of the school board meeting.

This board meeting comes just over a week into a teachers strike.

While the strike could have lasted until October 2, Moher told the board, “I'm happy to announce that our members will be returning to work this Friday, September 22.”

The high school auditorium erupted into applause.

Moher says negotiations with the board will continue, and he delivered a warning.

“We're notifying the district that as of January 2, 2018, we will return to the picket line again unless they come to the table between now and then and negotiate with us fairly,” Moher said as the applause quickly turned to yelling.

The union and the school district are sparring over salary increases and teacher contributions to health care.

Parents and taxpayers at the meeting overwhelmingly supported the board.

“PSEA and AHEA leaders, you come and make demands that are outdated, not viable or sustainable and unreasonable considering the state of health care and yet you persist,” said Robin Domenio of Clarks Green.

“What they would pay a year in health care for their entire family, I pay in one month for myself," said JoAnn Galideri of Clarks Summit.

Most just wanted school to resume.

“Please get our kids back in school. My kids are driving me absolutely and they need to be in school, thank you,” said Sarah Dawgert of Clarks Summit.

There is another negotiating session Thursday between the district and the teachers union, but the plan is for Abington Heights teachers to be back in class on Friday.


  • pepsi251

    At the next meeting, the District should offer the teachers a binky and a blanket each to help soothe them while making their ridiculous demands. What a bunch of babies!! Congratulations teachers…. the only thing you succeeded in was making fools of yourself!

  • Lance

    I guess the teachers wanted to be loved Making a statement that they will be back at work for the children. How noble.. Well we ain’t buying it. Get a dose of reality. Pay your share like everyone else and don’t threathen a stike a few months from now. We will still want you to pay for healthcare!

  • Think Positive

    No sweat for the teachers. They just go back to their job. It’s the STUDENTS who will be expected to stay up until all hours of the night to complete all the back-work that will be piled on them so that the teachers can keep up with the agenda that they fell behind in. As if they don’t already have enough homework to complete daily without making up work.

  • 🙄

    The kids are the ones getting screwed! They miss these days then have to make them up when it’s their summer vacation. My first view was to give them what they asked for but now, I don’t believe that cuz everyone else has to pay for their insurance so why should they be any different. Wise up teachers. You’re only hurting these kids and being selfish. Get to work and stay at work or find another job. Plain and simple!

  • Angel918

    I work for the State and pay for benefits. I also get paid a lot less and work all year. If they don’t like the salary, then they should leave and go elsewhere. I hope they all get fired and get replaced with teachers who are willing to teach our children for the salary provided. Don’t take the job if you don’t like the wage/benefits. Teachers should not be allowed to strike!

  • Caeser194

    Replace them with teachers that graduated in June.Theres alot of new teachers looking for that first full time job.

  • El Ma

    I cannot believe what I have just read. The threat is out there. Call their bluff, hire replacement educators, and put this foolish union on notice: TAXPAYERS ARE TIRED OF YOUR WHINING, GREEDY, SELF-ABSORBED BULLSHIRT.

    The threat is for a January strike if they don’t get what they want? Oh…….right after the holiday vacations and before Spring Break. Fire these people or simply disband/dismantle the entire education system. It is broken beyond repair when people who are earning an average salary of $60,000.00, annually, to hold education hostage against taxpayers and their children over an $80 monthly pittance. SHAME ON YOU ALL. Shame on you all for buying into this. Where do you people get off to justify this matter? Shame on you AND your union.

  • magicmikexxsm

    The ISIS/NEA has sent orders to the Taliban/Teachers to take the children hostage once again….what a surprise poor babies are mad cause they might have to pay for some of their healthcare premiums……..In a time when old people or people in general are having trouble paying their property taxes, and insurance premiums Due to the DNC and Obama messing up the insurance industry……..yep poor poor Taliban/teachers….:)

  • richen

    Contract expired, We want more. Are there not qualified people in the area that would take these positions at what the Tax Payers can live with ?.

  • Stumpy

    how about a strike next July ? No, that might not inconvenient taxpayer parents enough. Well played, greedy union members !

  • Kaminos

    The strike will be just in time for planning there summeracation. What a bunch of entitled individuals in a terribly operated dying state..

    • I know all about you, Steve.

      Perhaps you should have stayed in school and learned proper English and grammar. Go ahead, pick one—their, there, they’re.

  • Bob Calvey

    So what moher said is if the district doesn’t give them what they want they will be out again Jan 2 I don’t like cold weather but for the new I hope it’s below zero for a couple of days

  • Peter

    Public pressure forced the teachers back. They never anticipated the depth of the public outrage with their demands. They walked out with their tails between their legs, for “the good of the kids”.

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