Strike Looms in Dallas School District

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- Yet another negotiation session ended late Tuesday afternoon without an agreement between the teachers union and Dallas School District officials.

The teachers have been without a contract since September of 2015.

A strike is scheduled for Friday.

"The proposal we gave the district today was fair, reasonable, and affordable. We have the numbers. We have the budget. We have their annual report. We know what's fair,” said John Holland of the PSEA.

"I absolutely do not want to strike on Friday. The best times I have are when I'm in the classroom with the kids, and anytime I'm not there, they're not getting what I can give them, and I'm not getting what they can give me, and the environment in the school now, the tension is really high,” said Michael Cherinka, president of Dallas Education Association.

The main sticking points between the two sides are salaries and health care costs.

"They said they would not pay a penny towards health care and you know, my school board can't do that and won't do that. It's emotional enough as it is. It has destroyed this community. This was truly a great place. All three of my children go to school here, and right now, these issues with this union contract have caused very serious problems in the community,” said District Solicitor Vito DeLuca.

Teachers went on strike in Dallas School District last year. The strike lasted for 22 days.

District officials say the teachers stayed out longer than they were allowed under state law.

The board docked the teachers' pay and the union filed a grievance.

There is no word how long this potential strike could last.

"They don't want to pay anything for their health care, now back in the '70s and '80s, yes that happened, but this is the 2010s. Everybody pays something for their health care,” said Brian Whalen of Kingston Township.

"Some of my professors had to bring their kids to class because they couldn't go to school and they couldn't afford to buy them daycare or anything. That was definitely stressful for them,” said Misericordia University student Megan Peace.

Because of that concern over childcare, daycares in the Dallas area are gearing up for the strike, too.

"We will have probably at least 22 extra children at the daycare as the strike goes on. We have to have extra staff. The parents they do have to pay a little bit extra unfortunately because they're there for a little bit longer, so it's a little bit of a toll on the parents, too,” said Pam Hoffman of Back Mountain Day Care.

There is a possible negotiation session set for Thursday.


  • Veteran Snipers Wife and Dallas Mom

    I could not be any more disgusted with this fiasco. I am a mother with three young children in the Dallas School District. We moved here, and are now paying 1300$ per month rent with nothing included, specifically to get our kids a top notch education in the best district around. What a mistake that was. Teachers don’t want to pay for healthcare?! TOO BAD! My husband put life and limb on the line as a sniper in the US Army to protect the freedoms of everyone, like the teachers right to strike, and even he PAYS for his healthcare at the VA Hospital. He now even works at the VA Hospital and still PAYS for healthcare. This is dividing our once tight knit community and it makes me sick. If serving our country and putting your life on the line no longer guarantees free healthcare then a job where you are home by 415pm and get every summer off certainly doesnt deserve free healthcare. This strike is absolutely disgusting and born out of greed.

  • i quit..


  • get real

    Well obviously we need to first cut out all the high school football programs to save money. Oh but wait, that’s soooo important.

  • magicmikexxsm

    I see what’s going on here. the fascist teachers union gave up their hostages in that other school district, and now the Dallas school district has picked up the cause, and taken new hostages.. This is why Property taxes should not be funding Teachers salary…A sales tax would be a fairer way to fund such socialist organizations, but the people in and around the big cities tell their reps to fight it tooth and nail. This is why it never gets passed…the reps from in and around philly and pitt, and a few other won’t vote for it…
    Do you think the teachers union and the teachers care if that old couple who have owned their home 40 years or more, and now can’t afford to pay the property taxes and lose that home, do you really think they the Teachers unions care?…Nope they have been effing property owners in Pa for centuries.

    • Alfredo

      Great point, thank you for the reminder. I am completely against free health insurance and I had forgotten about retired, fixed income homeowners.

  • This is crazy

    These teachers should realize what this doing to the community as a whole. I work in healthcare and don’t even get healthcare for little to no cost. Its sad when the !ids have to come home and ask whether or not there school will be open tomorrow.

  • El Ma

    Oh. My. GAWD, what is wrong with these people and their union????? It’s been suggested, before, and it is worth contemplating: dismantle the entire Federal Education Program. End it. Put the responsibility of education squarely onto the shoulders of parents/guardians and the localities. There was once a time when being an educator was a noble profession. I wouldn’t want ONE educator involved in my child’s schooling that chose union over duty.

    I pay a school tax and I don’t have a child in school. I am contributing to the salaries and benefit packages for these people. I should not be obligated to do either. The union is creating a serious problem for the children and sending the message: “We could not care any less about your kids’ educations.”

  • Morning_Joe

    Are you kidding me? What a bunch of losers in life and reality…… Holding innocent children/students and property owners as hostages. It’s amazing that a majority of middle income property owners/famiies pay at least $500.00 a month for health insurance premiums and the teacher’ STILL don’t want to pay nothing. PLUS have issues with raises!
    The teacher unions and teachers are so out of touch with regular hard working middle class Americans. No wonder Trump won the presidential election. For how smart all these elite , educated, and so called professionals say they are
    the common sense factor apparently wasn’t a major subject in college or the online further education lessons they are taking for additional bogus pay raises.

  • Gimmee More

    Teachers: “School district can’t afford more? Screw you….pay us! Taxpayers can’t pay additional property taxes? Screw you… us!”

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