Sister of Murder Victim Arrested on Drug Charges

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MOUNT CARMEL -- The sister of a murder victim was arrested Monday on drug charges in Northumberland County, but according to a search warrant that showed up on social media, she is part of the investigation into her brother's death.

It's been nearly a week since the body of Sean Maschal was found in a wooded area off Route 54 near Mount Carmel with a gunshot wound to his head. So far, no one has been charged with his death.

Court papers show that Maschal's sister, Taylor Glassic, was arrested on drug charges at a home in Mount Carmel.

Newswatch 16 spoke with some neighbors on North Chestnut Street who saw the police activity.

“There was cops down the street with their lights on. That's all I’ve seen,” said Marisa Miglas.

Now according to a search warrant that ended up being posted on social media, Glassic is one of four people who may have a connection to her brother's death.

“I couldn't believe it when we saw that in the paper. Around here, you never know,” said Rosemary Womack. “I think there's a really bad drug problem in this area, and that probably has a lot to do with it, a lot of things that happen.”

“It's kind of scary to have that in this town, you know? It's usually quiet around here,” said Glenn Timmins.

The Mount Carmel Township Police Chief confirms Glassic, David Swatsky, Jamie McCabe, and David Brown are all locked up on charges unrelated to Maschal's death.

Those same names are listed in that search warrant which alleges the four conspired at this house in Ashland to rob Maschal. According to the search warrant, Glassic told someone that the robbery went bad and Maschal ended up getting shot.

People in Mount Carmel say if Glassic did have a role in her brother's death, that would be hard for their family.

“How would you deal with that?” said Timmins. “I mean that's just, you can't comprehend it.”

Once again, none of the four people listed in the search warrant has been charged with Maschal's death. They are currently being held on unrelated charges.


  • That's a wrap!

    As soon as the cell phone and DNA evidence is back we will have 4 people arraigned on felony robbery and murder charges folks

    • RJELQ

      Dont know its really exciting, i cant wait !Some will be getting there 36 packs of genny light and posting on facebook for this one.

  • skeeter

    Mt Carmel has nothing now that their football team is a joke. Foolish people put their entire lives into children in uniforms. Now they’re all on dope.

    • ranshawrebel

      Not enough redshirting. and all the wealthier families moved out of the district. hardly any d1 or even d2 prospects out of the coal region anymore. Southern has one but he sure dont look like a native.

  • Skeubel

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    • E

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    Could have been much worse she could have been on the alcohol! Is she from Williamsport?

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    • CeeMe

      Must be his sister from another mister. Or married. Can’t people see that drugs do nothing but add to your problems? Disturbing to think your own blood might be involved in your death. We haven’t had a fratricide? around here in awhile.

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