Man Charged with Providing Drugs that Led to Woman’s Death in Luzerne County

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP — Charges have been filed against a man who allegedly provided drugs that killed a woman earlier this summer in Luzerne County.

Authorities say David Haines, 30, gave the drugs to a woman who died after taking them.

Police found her unresponsive in a home in Dallas Township on June 19.

Investigators determined the drugs contained fentanyl.

“Our office is actively seeking to prosecute those individuals who are selling or delivering drugs in our neighborhoods that continue to menace our community and poison our residents,” said Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis. “It is our hope that this message will resonate with these criminals and deter them from selling drugs in our county.”

Haines has been charged with drug delivery resulting in death and tampering with evidence.


  • laura

    waste of time and money going after this guy. i’m sorry but these people are putting it into their own bodies. if he had held er down and forced her to do it i’d feel differently but that’s not the case. there’s no personal accountability anymore

  • Anywhere but there

    Call it what it is HERION! Was it her first time or did she use a needle. Needle users are not ignorant to the dangers. Hang’em high does not apply to junkies, sue the state for not having narcan.

  • Lance

    Drugs will be continued to be sold. No matter what penalties are made. The DA can make proclamations all he wants . But it is pie in the sky dreaming.

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