Fly Fishing on a Day of Healing for Veterans

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MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- A group of veterans spent this beautiful, late-summer day fly fishing on the Delaware River in the Poconos. The outdoor activity is a way to help them heal from physical and mental challenges.

The outdoor activity is part of "Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing."

"It's great. I love it, and it's really a good time. You meet a lot of great people," Barry Nauman said.

This is the first time the National Park Service has teamed up with "Project Healing Waters."

The outdoor activity teaches vets to cope with physical and emotional challenges.

"For us, it's a wonderful thing. It's great for the local vets because we can offer them 30 miles of riverfront here. What we are trying to do is the first exploration to see what we might be able to offer down the road," said Keith Ferrar, National Park Service.

Whether they were out on the water catching some fish or enjoying a nice steak lunch, those who came out for the event say it's a great way to get local veterans together for a wonderful day in nature.

About a dozen vets loaded four boats and took to the water.

Barry Nauman from Mount Pocono is a Vietnam vet and says this gettogether shows local service men and women that people care.

"Having an event like this is so great because it's like finally, we are getting some recognition for what we did and it's been long coming."

"Well, for me it's very important," said Joe Sabala. "It's about the only time I can get out of the house. It's good to be around other veterans."

The National Park Service hopes to host "Project Healing Waters" during both the spring and fall seasons.