Driver Hit Head-On by SUV in Police Chase in Clinton County

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LOCK HAVEN -- A newspaper delivery driver is in the hospital after her car was hit head-on by an SUV being chased by police in Clinton County.

That newspaper delivery woman from Clinton County was out on her regular route early Tuesday morning when her car was hit head-on by the SUV being chased through Lock Haven.

Lock Haven police spotted an SUV that officers knew belonged to someone who had a warrant out for his arrest. When the vehicle didn't stop at a stop sign, they tried to pull it over, and that's when the chase started.

The driver was wanted on domestic relations. Lock Haven police tell Newswatch 16 that's why an officer chased an SUV through the streets of Lock Haven out into the rural roads of Bald Eagle Township.

It happened near Catherine Shaw's home.

"It must have been something bad because I don't think they would have chased him unless it was something bad," said Shaw.

With a passenger inside, police say the driver sped through the city reaching speeds of around 80 miles per hour until they reached the corner of Route 150 and Laurel Run Road.

The SUV went through a stop sign driving over the center line, hitting 42-year-old Jennifer Jackson's car -- a woman who had nothing to do the chase.

Jackson is a newspaper delivery woman for the Lock Haven Express. She was up early and on the job when her car was hit head-on by the SUV.

"Apparently she was going to come up here to deliver newspapers," Shaw said.

As for the driver and passenger in that SUV that fled, police tell us they are both in the hospital for their injuries. Police are planning to file charges.

"It seems like people that do bad things, the cops were chasing him for something. I mean they don't seem to have any respect for anybody. I mean, you know, they just do what they want to do and then boom! Whatever happens, happens," Shaw added.

Lock Haven Express tells Newswatch their driver should be OK but will need surgery on her knee.


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