Children and Youth Impostors in Milton?

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MILTON -- A family in Milton says two people came to their door wanting to abduct their child.

The family claims a man and woman tried to convince the family they were with Northumberland County Children and Youth, but the family believes the couple were impostors.

The couple left before getting into the family's home in the Georgetown Apartments.

"He put his foot up against the door to stop it from being closed. He asked to see the kids and said he had to come in and take the kids," said Angela Evans.

Milton police say both suspects are white and in their mid to late 20s.  They both have dark hair, and the male has a swastika tattoo on his upper left arm.

According to Milton police, this is the second time someone has posed as a Children and Youth worker this summer. Police have not said if the two incidents are related.

Northumberland County officials say if someone comes to your door claiming to be with Children and Youth, make sure the person has a badge.

Katrina Gownley is the administrator of Northumberland County Children and Youth. Gownley says since the last incident, people are taking precautions.

"People call in and ask if they are really a caseworker and we confirm that they work here," Gownley said.

According to Milton police, the couple's vehicle is possibly a brown or gold colored four-door sedan.


  • Bill K.

    I call BS. Something about this just doesn’t sound right. My guess is someone needed a real good excuse for not being somewhere and made up this story. Like Laura said below, NO outside witnesses? The children didn’t know the make/model of the car? “Possibly brown or gold”? They can’t even identify a color?

  • 🙄

    Boy, people now a days are getting ballsy! Just to go up and say they’re with cys to kipnap children? Wow! The social workers ALWAYS have some kind of badge and a cout order. Can’t trust NO ONE especially when it comes to your kids!!

    • pudding

      some guy from Mt Carmel followed a little girl into her house while her parents were home. That was one ballsy pedo roamer. WNEP never reported on the story

  • laura

    i don’t know. seems like witnesses would have seen the people involved in both instances but no witnesses outside the people making the claims. and a swastika tat? that reeks of recent news events. and no car make or model. my 9yr old can look at most cars and tell you the brand at least, but 2 adults couldn’t?

    • Bob Smith

      That doesn’t make any sense about a case worker having a horrible tattoo…. If they have that and anyone won’t get a chance in hiring. About cars…. It belongs to the county not your personal auto and about taking child away. They need a court order with a very good reason and the judge will sign their request.

  • 😷💩

    Who would want those kids! Haha two shopping carts in the yard.. must of been food stamp day lol. Doesn’t there insurance pay for dental care? Those were the two most ugliest people I ever seen! Good ole Milton!

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