Smoky Fire at Luzerne County Scrap Yard

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HUNLOCK TOWNSHIP -- Black smoke billowed from General Scrap Yard off Route 11 Monday afternoon. At one point, that smoke could be seen from more than 20 miles away.

"We heard the ba-boom, ba-boom and then we called the fire department. It was on fire,” said Florence George of Hunlock Township.

Fire crews from several departments rushed in, filling tanker after tanker to douse the flames.

Harry Haas owns a building nearby.

"My wife was on her way to go somewhere, and she was on Route 11 and she saw black smoke. And I figured it could be anything, so I ran down to check, just to make sure the building was safe,” he said.

As the fire spread, vehicles, tires and more burned and loud explosions could be heard.

"It being a junk yard, it could be gas tanks. I don't know. I don't know. Don't feel safe standing here right now,” said Keith Miles of Hunlock Township.

Once they learned their properties were OK, people say their thoughts immediately turned to the person who owns the scrap yard and the loss he sustained.

"I feel sorry for Jason over here, because you know he's just trying to earn a living and mistakes do happen in a junk yard. Every junk yard has fires, you know what I'm saying? So, it's just his turn to have a fire. They have them everywhere,” said Haas.

Fire officials continue to investigate what sparked the blaze.

There were no reported injuries.



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