Hot Weather… Again!

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DANVILLE -- Rita's Italian Ice and the hot sunny weather usually go hand in hand. But as the seasons change, so does the crowd, and so do the flavors.

Except for this week.

With temperatures in the 80s in Danville in mid-September, people wanted a cool treat.

"Who expected this when it was so cold and rainy earlier?" Joanne Brown asked.

Joanne Brown of Pine Grove visited her sister in the hospital. The two decided they needed something cool in this hot weather.

"Well, it's hot and it was hot in the hospital. We talked about stopping for an ice cream and she said, 'I want a Rita's before you go home,'" Brown said.

The first day of fall is this Friday, September 22. John Szymanski and his wife wanted to soak up as much sun as they could before it gets cold.

"Sooner or later winter is going to come. Better later," Szymanski said.

The Szymanskis walked their dogs and caught up with a neighbor.

"We take the dogs outside and we talk," Szymanski said.

Another place where people are enjoying the nice weather is at the golf course.

"Back to summer weather, it's beautiful," Valerie Andreychik said.

Valerie Andreychik enjoys golfing at Frosty Valley Country Club near Danville.

"I was home doing some chores and I was looking outside seeing that sun bright. I thought I would come and practice," Andreychik said.

While Andreychik enjoys fall weather too, she is happy soaking up the sun before the weather gets cooler.

"Who wouldn't want to be outside enjoying this?" Andreychik asked.

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