Geisinger Adds Vegan Burger to Hospital Menu

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- Geisinger Medical Center near Danville is celebrating National Cheeseburger Day without the beef.

The hospital's executive chef unveiled his newest kitchen creation on Monday, called the Feinburger.

The Feinburger is named for and taste-tested by Geisinger's president, Dr. David Feinberg, who is a vegan.

Executive chef Matthew Cervay tells Newswatch 16 he created the meatless burger after he was asked to develop a Labor Day picnic menu for Feinberg and his wife.

"Instead of doing the traditional black beans, which has been done a bunch of times, I really wanted to use a grain-based with split peas and amaranth. It just kind of gave it a whole new texture and feel," Cervay said.

The Feinburger will be on the menu at Geisinger's Atrium Cafe for patients and visitors to enjoy.


  • El Ma

    I am a proud member of
    P – people
    E – eating
    T – tasty
    A – animals

    How is this even “news?” Yay vegan burger (?).

  • Sasquatch

    I’m going to McDonald’s for lunch !!!!!!!
    Question : how do you know if a person is vegan?
    Answer:dont worry they will tell you they are every 5 minutes

  • Jim

    More eliteisimCalifornia liberal B.S. LITERALLY being shoved down everybody’s throat and forcing their way of life on everybody else

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