Apple Orchard in Full Bloom in Lycoming County

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FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Workers are moving fast to harvest acres of apple trees at Marshalek’s fruit farm near Montoursville.

"We go from zero to 90 really fast," said Ray Marshalek.

This year, some of the apple trees have bloomed about a week earlier than expected. Farmer Ray Marshalek believes warmer weather months ago could be to blame.

"That's what happens. When they're ready, they're ready,” said Marshalek. "We're picking. We're harvesting daily.”

They need to harvest daily to keep up with demand.

"Last week, it was a whole lot cooler and people think apples then," said Marshalek.

Mary Lou Richards from Mansfield is one of those people.

"I like Honey Crisp. I like Crispin. I like reds,” she said.

At the farm, they hope to start pressing apples this week to make apple cider. There are several other apple products on the shelves including homemade apple butter.

"I think it's very nice, especially their wines and that," said Richards.

Richards stopped by Marshalek’s for some fresh fruit. The farm sells peaches and pears this time of year, too.

"It's much better than it was in the supermarket because they are handled so many times. Here you get what you want,” said Richards.

Many of the apples on the farm do end up in local grocery stores and so does Marshalek’s cider, which should be available to buy in the coming week.

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