Abington Heights Strike Talks Yield No Results

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CLARKS SUMMIT -- A strike by teachers in Lackawanna County will apparently continue.

Negotiators from the school board and the teachers met for about two hours Monday morning. When it was over, the administration announced the sides could not come to an agreement.

More talks are set for Thursday.

About 200 unionized teachers walked off the job Tuesday morning.  Money and the cost of health care are the big issues keeping both sides apart.

The board wants the teachers to pay part of their premiums. The union says it already kicks in through co-pays and deductibles.

The teachers strike at Abington Heights in Lackawanna County leaves more than 3,000 students out of the classroom.


  • El Ma

    I see that WNEP hasn’t posted an update on this atrocious situation. Are they still sipping their lattes and carrying signs?

  • Lance

    Someone should take these teachers and give them a field trip to the “real world”. The place where hard working people pay enough taxes, pay their own healthcare. Sitting in their classrooms gives them time to think how bad they have it. With Christmas break, easter break, winter break , every state and federal holiday, half days scheduled and not, snow days and most of the summer off. Poor pitiful teachers!

    • What Irony

      It’s ironic that everyone seems to think teaching is such an easy job –overpaid, no work etc. But funny how these critics are not rushing out to become teachers if it is such a “fat cat” life. Here’s some hints: 1) it’s not an easy job.2) you need five years of college at an average of $250,000 of tuition and including 5 years lost wages. 3) You actually have to study and learn something and pass exams to get a license.

      • Get Real

        “critics are not rushing out to become teachers…” That’s because: 1) You have to know someone to even be considered. 2) The cost of the payoff to secure the position is too high for most individuals.

      • What Irony

        Get real: I have no clue what you mean “you have to know somebody” to become a teacher. That’s nonsense. Secondly, if you are correct that the “layoff” risk is so high, then you should support those who take that financial and time risk to be decently compensated.

      • Jared

        You have to know someone on the board to be considered for a teaching position. There is a financial payoff (CASH) to complete the transaction. Don’t pretend to be naive, What Irony.

      • El Ma

        Been a teacher. Didn’t like the politics. Didn’t like the parents. Didn’t like the union pressure.

        Getting a degree and license to teach is not as hard as all of that. It’s certainly NOT the same as getting a degree in……..oh…….nuclear physics or structural engineering.

        For those educators that feel the need to hide behind a union to do generate their contracts, I have news for you: you can create your very OWN contracts that are just as viable as a union contract. And, it doesn’t cost as much as one would think. OH, that’s right. Without unions, educators would have to pay for their health insurance costs like I do – out of pocket, and very expensive.

        (waving hand in dismissal) Utter nonsense.

  • El Ma

    This matter has been mentioned by previous posters, and I believe that it has merit. Simply end the national education system and have parents and local boards figure out what works best for their region.

    I spend 1/5 of my income on paying for my own health care. There is no advocate or “union” for individuals in the private sector, and the once-lauded idea of “union” has long since been replaced by greed. Unions no longer represent workers. They represent their individual agendas.

    Fire these people, immediately, and hire people who aren’t going to WHINE about spending $80 per month for their health care. Godalmighty, who’s running this circus, anyway?

    • Morning_Joe

      The Democrat backed teacher unions who have no issue with holding property owners and innocent children as hostages. I am a decades long Independent voter and these PARTICULAR people/group have me so PO’ed with their whining and complaining I had enough. They have it made and just want more and more. Absolutely disgusting…..

  • wwjd

    All people who are working full-time in this country should get free excellent health care. (just like trump and the congress). Period. End of story.


    Summers off must be nice. Most people dont have summers off and good benefits that don’t eat up there paycheck with retirement. i know NEPA isnt the nicest place in the country. But these people have it made and a bachelor’s in education is a lot easier then a bachelors in Business or Engineering. PA isnt exactly a growing state its not like they class room sizes are rapidly increasing.

  • 1 + 1 = 3

    The hardest working person in this strike must be the head of the teachers union. He has the task of trying to convince the teachers that the public really is on their side.

    • wwjd

      You need to study some history and learn about what unions have brought to you and your family through great sacrifice in the early 20th century of some very brave people. I don’t suppose the word sweatshop means anything to you.

      • Glorious

        These greedy teachers hardly toil in a sweatshop. But the real problem is their delusional sense of reality around benefits they are entitled to. Fire them.

      • Bob Calvey

        Wwjd I agree with you about HISTORY of unions and reason they were created and they do to a degree keep wages competitive for us non union but they were created for private sector where sweat shops were not for public sector they don’t care about us those who pay their salary so don’t believe union is being fair to us

      • El Ma

        The unions that you’re speaking of have long since gone by the wayside. True union representation is passe. Contemporary unions are what destroyed our domestic industries: auto, steel, and other manufacturing. How one person who tightens 8 bolts on a manufacturing line can earn upwards from $45 per hour (with exceptional benefits) is beyond my ability to comprehend. Unions were a great idea – in the beginning. Just like public assistance was a great idea – in the beginning. Wherever there’s power and money, there’s corruption and greed.

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