‘We stick together’ – Komen NEPA Race for the Cure

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SCRANTON -- Downtown Scranton will be a sea of pink Saturday morning for the annual Komen NEPA Race for the Cure.

Thousands of breast cancer survivors, fighters, and friends and family are expected to walk or run in the race or be there to cheer on a loved one.

All of the above applies to one family in Scranton who have been hit particularly hard by breast cancer.

Each year, Komen NEPA turns the Electric City pink for the Race for the Cure.

Thousands of walkers, runners, and supporters pack downtown Scranton.

Among them this year will be Cathy Powell of Scranton, decked out in this t-shirt, a gift from a niece.

Cathy, age 66, is a two-time breast cancer survivor. Her first diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer came when she was just 28.

"Ten years later my sister Jean was diagnosed with it, and a sister 20 years later diagnosed with breast cancer," Cathy said.

Cathy says the Del Guercio girls -- now Cathy, Jean Zaccagnino, and Liz Calianno -- are very close, and will all be walking in this year's race for the cure together. Jean has just reached the 10-year mark since her diagnosis, Liz was diagnosed in her late 40s and Cathy has now beaten breast cancer twice and recently battled pancreatic cancer as well.

They are three of 11 children in their family and they'll all be making a weekend of it in Scranton.

"Oh, we have quite a few people coming in this weekend! Cousins, other family, my sisters, we'll all be together."

And together is how Cathy and her family have done pretty much everything.

"That's the way we are. somebody is sick in that house, there's 10 people sitting at their bed. yeah. That's the way we were brought up. That's the way we are. We stick together."

Cathy Powell points out she underwent genetic testing and it was negative, meaning doctors told her there was not a strong genetic family history of the disease.

The Race for the Cure welcome begins at 7:15 a.m. Saturday in downtown Scranton, with race time at 8:30 a.m.


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