Sunbury Family on Wild Plane Ride in Myrtle Beach

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SUNBURY -- Hurricane Irma's wrath extended outside the Caribbean and Florida. Dramatic footage captured wind blowing a plane trying to land in South Carolina.

A mother and son from Sunbury were on that plane.

Stacie Moore and her son Jaden were excited for their vacation in Myrtle Beach. The weather looked good so they were not worried about flying. But when the plane tried to land in Myrtle Beach on Monday, things got scary.

Video taken Monday in Myrtle Beach by someone on a golf course shows an Allegiant flight from Harrisburg battling the wind as it tried to land at Myrtle Beach International Airport.

"We were just about ready to hit the runway. We were probably about tree level and a big gust of wind came across and hit our plane," Stacie Moore recalled.

Stacie and Jaden Moore live in Sunbury and were on that plane. The mother and son were on their way to Myrtle Beach for a vacation.

"We ascended real quick, hovered for a little while, almost an hour we hovered over Myrtle Beach," Stacie said.

"Everyone was looking out the window, of course, and could feel everything," said Jaden Moore.

It was Jaden's second time flying and he does not like heights.

"Traveling fast in an airplane that's heading towards the ground is not fun."

The flight was eventually diverted to Raleigh, North Carolina.

"It was very quiet on the plane and everybody who was traveling together just kind of looked at each other. Everyone knew something was wrong," Stacie said.

"Definitely a lot of trust in the pilot in that situation. but he did very well," said Jaden.

The Moores rented a car in Raleigh and drove three hours to Myrtle Beach. After their scary flight, they had a great vacation.

"Beautiful," said Jaden. 'The whole rest of the week was sunny

The Moores were understandably a little nervous for the flight home Friday morning. But they tell Newswatch 16 the flight home from Myrtle Beach was perfect.


  • Amanda HuggnKiss

    I can’t believe the tower would even ok a landing in those conditions or better yet a pilot subject himself to them unless the plane is rated for a 45 mph or higher crosswind landing?

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