Scholl Found Guilty of Trying to Kill her Children and Herself in Luzerne County

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WILKES-BARRE -- A jury has found Melissa Scholl guilty of trying to kill her children and herself with carbon monoxide.

After three hours of deliberations, the jury found Scholl guilty of attempted homicide.

Scholl had no comment for Newswatch 16 about the verdict.

The jury unanimously found her guilty of trying to kill herself and her two young children in December of 2015 by hooking up a hose to her car's tailpipe with her kids buckled in the backseat.

"Everybody in the room felt that she got into a bad place and she made a really terrible decision and she's going to have to live with that, unfortunately," said Juror Mark Wallis.

Evidence shows Scholl texted her mom Angelina Stanton that night saying she wanted to kill herself

Her attorney Larry Kansky pointed out in closing arguments that her car was not running at the time.

"She was simply making gestures by communications and a harmless physical display with the intent to get her mother over there as they planned earlier in the day," Kansky said in court.

But the prosecution fired back in closing arguments with prosecutor Sam Sanguedolce saying if it were a cry for help, Scholl would've told her mom where she was, showing evidence Stanton texted Scholl, "Where are you? I'm at your house." But Scholl did not answer.

"We're relieved. Unfortunately, it's a terrible situation, so to say that we're happy about the verdict, we're clearly not. This is a terrible situation for everybody. We feel terrible for the children but this was something that was necessary and we're glad that justice was served," said Luzerne County First Assistant District Attorney Sam Sanguedolce.

The last time Scholl was on trial was in June, the jury could not reach a verdict and it ended in a mistrial.


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