Local Lawmakers React to House Passing Revenue Package

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HARRISBURG -- It's been more than two months since Pennsylvania lawmakers passed a state budget without a way to pay for it.

Now, House Republicans decided to pass their own revenue package.

The plan doesn't call for new taxes or borrowing.

It passed by just 12 votes even though no Democrats voted in favor of it and 15 Republicans voted against it.

The spending package calls for the use of excess funds from 400 accounts to balance the budget that's billions in the red.

Newswatch 16 asked two area lawmakers about their thoughts on the spending plan.

"We took the accounts they, we feel are legitimate surpluses, so extra money that's been rolling over and accruing," said Representative Tarah Toohil, Luzerne County. "It's not going to affect operations. It's not any type of cut. It's just clawing back money that has been unused."

"We need to get to a real budget, unfortunately. I don't think the house republican budget that is coming over to the Senate as a result of last night's vote adds up," explained Senator John Yudichak. "The numbers don't add up and will not stand. We need to get to the negotiating table and get a fair and balanced budget for the tax payers."

The plan goes to the Senate next.

Governor Wolf and Senate leaders presented their own revenue bill two months ago.