Lewisburg Children’s Museum Opens Saturday

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LEWISBURG -- Everywhere you walk inside the Lewisburg Children's Museum, you'll find bright colors. Whether it's in the form of fruit, an ambulance or even glow in the dark, the colors are appealing to children.

That's what museum co-founders Abby Gulden-Luthi and Erin Jablonski wanted. The two friends came up with the idea for a children's museum last January. So they started planning.

"It takes a team, so assigning the roles and getting everyone on board and figuring out where we were going to put things," Jablonski said.

"We had a goal of $200,000 cash donations and we exceeded that," Gulden-Luthi said.

The museum is located at the former Lewisburg Area High School on Market Street. There are nine themed rooms and more than 20 exhibits.

"We tried to get a really great mix of wonderful things," Gulden-Luthi said.

The museum came together in about a year and a half, thanks to help from the community.

"Everyone who had a skill or had the opportunity to lend a hand that we've asked has been so enthusiastic, so kind, so generous. This is a real community effort," Jablonski said.

In addition to people in the community, some area businesses like Weis Markets sponsored exhibits.

"If we would have bought from museum fabricators, they would have been $40,000 each, no exaggeration," Gulden-Luthi said.

Parents look forward to bringing their kids.

"Just to learn and play and just be together. We're so excited we have something like this in Lewisburg," Kristy Kuhn said.

Admission to the museum is $8 per person, plus there are discount packages. The museum opens this weekend.