Former Priest Headed to Prison

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LEHIGH COUNTY -- A former priest with ties to Schuylkill County is heading to prison.

Monsignor John Mraz was sentenced to at least six months behind bars Thursday.

He pleaded guilty in June to possessing child porn.

The priest formerly served as vice principal at Marian High School in Schuylkill County.


  • Bob Smith

    It’s embarrassing to catholic communities! After leaving jail….. He might have a hard time to rent a place because of registration sex offenders. Plus a small pension to live with. Who’s gonna to help?

  • Robert

    He’s already on the Poor Me band wagon looking for sympathy. That poor man being forced to walk around while needing that walker just to move. Not to worry the state will have get him some new hips and knees. He’ll be twerking for Bubba in no time at all!

    • Mary M.

      Prisons actually do. They will be watched very carefully. The BOP have certain prisons for them. A very strict program. What a waste of a human being. He gives good priests a very bad name.

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