Ceasetown Dam Undergoing $21 Million Upgrade

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- This is a behind the scenes look inside the Ceasetown Dam and Reservoir as crews have been making renovations to the large structure.

Pennsylvania American Water wanted to give an update on the utility's reservoir in Luzerne County's Back Mountain.

“It's not very usual that we bring people to these projects and we are excited to be able to do that today and for people to see how we invest the money they pay from their water bills,” said Jeffery McIntyre of PA American Water.

The upgrades required by the state began last year.

The 100-year-old dam is one of the largest in our area.

The Ceasetown Dam and Reservoir serves nearly 30,000 people.

The project involves building a new drainage system to collect water that seeps out of the dam.

“Anytime you have a structure that's a 100 years old, you need to do something to help contain it and make last far into the future,” Anthony Nokovich, senior engineer.

Once completed, the $21 million project will increase the dam's ability to deal with flooding as well as provide a reliable water source for the communities it serves.

“We've increased the spillway capacity tremendously, that allows water in very extreme flood events, in ways you can't even imagine, to be able to come in this drainage basins without ever overtopping the dam itself,” said Nokovich.

Pennsylvania American Water expects the project to be completed by the end of the year.