State Police Searching for Man Accused of Assault in Luzerne County

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HAZLETON — State police are searching for a man accused of assault in Luzerne County.

According to police, Omar Vargas, 26, picked up a 16-year-old male under the impression that the two were going to hang out but instead Vargas and two other men drove the teenager to Humboldt Industrial Park and assaulted him.

Firearms were used during the assault and shots were fired before Vargas drove the victim to West Hazleton and dropped him off, police say.

Troopers believe the assault is in retaliation to a burglary and assault that took place in Hazle Township on Wednesday evening.

In that incident, a man was assaulted with a baseball bat while in bed by three unknown people.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Hazleton State Police.



  • Me

    This Vargas guy was arrested in Jan of 2016 in Luzerne county and in 2015 in North Carolina according to the web. He’s most likely not in the area anymore.

    • Hank

      It’s Pennsylvania there’s something in the water. Everyone walks around like zombies and believes anything the next guy tells em. Probably promised with sex,drug,and cigarettes if he got in the car. Same old pa scum mo

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