Selinsgrove Community Reacts To Arrest Of Former High School Football Star

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SELINSGROVE -- It was a night for football at the Selinsgrove School District with a middle school matchup between Selinsgrove's and Mount Carmel's football teams.

But the arrest of a former Selinsgrove football star, who was slapped with robbery and related charges, was on most people's minds.

“It is sad, it is sad. It's sad that you get messed up in something like that,” said Randy Cline.

Selinsgrove police arrested and charged 19-year-old Juvan Batts of Selinsgrove, reportedly in connection with the robbery of a drug dealer.

Batts, who graduated from Selinsgrove last year, was an all-state football player with the seals and made it on WNEP's Dream Team during his senior year.

“He was a super athlete, that's for sure,” said Eileen Cook.

“He could outrun anybody, you just give him the ball down here, he be all the way down the other end zone,” said Cline.

According to court papers, Batts arranged to buy $1,700 worth of marijuana from a Susquehanna University student last month.

Police say on August 26th, two men sent by Batts stole that marijuana from the student inside a campus dorm by telling him they had a gun, although no weapon was shown.

The student later identified the men.

Police arrested one of the suspects who told officers Batts was the one who set up the drug deal.

“You know everybody makes choices and those choices have consequences,” said Cook.

Zack Broome graduated with batts and believes his friend is being blamed for more than what he did.

“He's a good kid and a lot of things you`re hearing about him, some may be true and a lot of it is not true.”

Batts is locked up in Snyder County, unable to post bail.

Selinsgrove police say they are still looking for that third suspect, Lamont Patterson, for this robbery.


  • 🙃

    Ohh my god! Move on WNEP! It’s not like the kid killed someone! He was a amazing football star. There is more to this story. Javon just went down a wrong path and I hope he can get his life back together! Everyone is so quick to judge.. but I’m sure a lot of those perfect people have done some things wrong in the past! This is for you Javon.. keep your head up, you will get threw this! Also.. GO SEALS! BEAT SHIK!

  • Huggy

    This guy was no Bob Kraft when it came to football. Bob was a big handsome man that could throw a football 60 yards and catch. He trained by running the streets forearming parking meters. Cute voice. No comparison.

    • RJELQ

      Not as good as buddy klinger at running back. He rushed for 6,000 yards in his career and now made his home on the streets.

    • Cobra

      I saw some lanky fellow with glasses running the streets of Frackville. This guy was faster than a cheetah. He sounded pretty incoherent but he could really blaze. I wonder if he suited up for the mountaneers? Probably hangs out at a fire company now

  • ranshawrebel

    Small town nepa high school football is built up way too much. It just produces too many young men who become criminals when their small town fame is lost. It also produces men who red-shirted in life, who are 40 plus and think its still 1994. I mean there is exceptions who did well, but also many many tragic and depressing examples of utter failure. I personally know many former high school stars addicted to drugs and or are in state prison or county prison.

    • Me

      It’s not just Nepa its all across the country. For every 1 person that becomes a star there are 1000s that don’t. Football is on its way out anyway. Parents are starting to forbid their children from playing now that they know about the concussion issue. Could it be that this is also what is contributing to these kids failures. I’m suspecting it plays a part. Anywho, football ratings are down double digits for the past couple of years and predict the trend will continue.

  • Kaminos

    Small town nepa high school football = overrated d3talent factory in, The 2017 college football landscape. These kids get big heads from all the small town press and put on a pedestal. But when they get in the real world they are just a number and most times can’t handle it. Look how many kids from these dream teams play at d1 programs very little. Most quit there d2 or d3 school they were recruited by.

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