Road Work on Route 611 Causing Problems for Businesses

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Orange barriers and heavy machinery take up space on both shoulders of Route 611 in Bartonsville.

Rick Kozlowski from Stroudsburg travels in this direction often.

"Yeah, I mean, you gotta do something for it. This is a mess, especially on weekends and holidays. This is a joke up here you can't get through. I mean you can but you wait two hours. It's just a mess," said Kozlowski .

Work began in this area last October.  Officials in Stroud Township say it's taking so long to complete because a lot is going on.

A realigning of Wigwam Park Road West will allow traffic to line up directly with Saint Luke's Hospital Monroe Campus.

Crews are also widening Route 611 and expanding a bridge.

The work is taking a toll on businesses.

"It's really bad. I would say it's hurting us tremendously. If you look over here, it's hard for people to get in and out," said Christy Wong, Everyone's Buffet Manager.

Business owners tell Newswatch 16 to get traffic to turn in, especially here Thai Chang Restaurant. Drivers only have this small space to get in and out.

Wigwam Park Road West runs behind several restaurants.  Township officials tell Newswatch 16, it's scheduled to open in about two weeks and should help ease some of the congestion.

It's a relief to some business owners.

"Before the construction, we were packed during the lunch hour but because of the construction and lack of time people have to eat lunch, it does hurt the business," said Peter Sathapornwongkuo, Thai Chang Restaurant.