Parent Fight at Youth Football Practice

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MIFFLINBURG -- During the day, the practice fields by Mifflinburg Area Intermediate School are empty. But certain weeknights, they are filled with kids playing sports.

About two weeks ago, this area was also filled with cops because a fight broke out at Mifflinburg Youth Football League's practice.

"Some parent didn't like the coach moving his kid to another play. That's what this fight was all about," Karen Herrold said.

According to Mifflinburg Police, Bradley Hook and his father Wayne Hook got into a fight with the team's coach. The fight was over a play involving Bradley's son.

Cops say Bradley punched the team's equipment manager and Wayne knocked a phone out of a woman's hand when she threatened to call police.

Karen Herrold's grandson plays on the team.

"It's a kids' game. They should just have team spirit. Parents are getting way out of control," Herrold said.

"They have to be responsible," Mildred Craig said.

The Hooks were charged earlier this week with several misdemeanors.

Bradley was charged with assault on a sports official and simple assault.

Wayne Hook was charged with intimidation of a witness.

Mifflinburg police say there was a parent meeting at the end of August. The Hooks were told never to come on this property again.

"It doesn't matter if fans carry on like that, it makes it bad for the kids," Elwood Schultz said.

We did see an apology from the father on his Facebook page that read:

To whom this may concern I'm am send my deepest apology for my action on Tuesday night this in not except able in any curcumstance and I feel extremely bad for the people that witnessed these actions for anyone who knows me knows that this is not the person that I am I'm sorry for these actions and this mistake will hopefully teach my son and daughter a very valuable lesson in life with my help I will try to help them grow from this and move past it because I hurt my own son the most this is not exceptable and professional and will not ever happen again.

Thank you Bradley Hook

Both Bradley and Wayne Hook are expected to appear in court next month.


  • Dreama

    that is the problem with sports who you know how much you have determines whether you play or not. With all these fights going on at the sporting events don’t be surprised if they’re going to be stopped which if you ask me they should be .

  • Bob Smith

    It doesn’t surprise me….. Parents can be bias…. They wants their kids success without any coaches and referees in control …… Aggressive behavior of parents is unhealthy example in front of your kids. Ban troubled parents from the field permanently.

  • 🙄

    I don’t agree with what Mr. Hook did bit on the same token I can understand why he got angry. I know in my school district they’re not fair about who plays what and when. It’s all about who your parents are and how much money they have. And I think it’s aweful. The child should play because of their ability and not just because of who the parents are and the amount of money they have. That is completely unfair and it goes on everywhere. If they can’t be fair they should just do away with it. That’s my opinion.

    • Taco Salad

      Every parent thinks their little angel is the greatest at everything they do.
      How about they let the coach do the job the parent didn’t volunteer for, and be proud their little snowflake gets to suit up.

      • Mary

        What they didn’t tell you in the news report is that the Hook’s were also coaches not just sitting on the sidelines. You should not belittle someone because of the story you heard on the news. Most cases it is not the whole truth. People should learn to stop blasting hateful comments and start praying for these type of people and situations!

  • III%

    Seen a similar scenario this past Saturday and it’s utterly ridiculous save for the armchair on Sunday let the kids play and stop acting like one…..

  • Heather

    As they say, there is always 2 sides to every story. Unfortunately “hearsay” is what is reported. Did he over-react? Sure! Does he feel sorry for what he did? Yes!! If you have never lost your temper and did something you regret while defending someone you love then you are a better person than I. Don’t forget while you are passing out judgement that just maybe you don’t know the whole story and you don’t know the people involved. Don’t forget all the hours they have volunteered of their own time with no thought of receiving a thank you from all the people now throwing accusations. This is a one time incident and totally uncharacteristic event.

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