Mother Remembers Man Found Dead in Northumberland County

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MOUNT CARMEL TOWNSHIP -- The Northumberland County coroner has released the name of the man found dead near Mount Carmel.

The victim is Sean Maschal of Mount Carmel. State police found his body in a wooded area along Route 54 in Mount Carmel Township Wednesday morning. State police said he had been shot in the head.

Maschal's mother, Catherine Langley, said he could make anyone laugh.

"So many people loved him," Langley said. "I never met anybody who didn't love my son.

His mother says his family, including his young daughter, were just getting ready to celebrate his 34th birthday.

"He was a fantastic father," Langley said. "She's 8 years old. His birthday was today (September 14). I just can't believe this happened."

People in the Mount Carmel community where Maschal grew up are also shocked by his murder. Harry Bendas knows his father.

"I don't understand how these riff-raffs got away with doing that to a young boy like that, but the cops will get a hold of them," Bendas said. "Believe me, and the cops will bring them to justice."

Maschal's mother is also hoping for justice. She said she doesn't understand why anyone would want to hurt her son.

"I just loved him with all my heart," Langley said. "Everyone who met him loved him."

The family has planned a memorial service for Maschal on Monday.


  • chinacat110

    Ooooo look social media court is in session. Be wise not to judge for it may be you or yours next time. Be smart not to cast karma because it will back 3 fold. Never ever say, not me or my children, addiction is a brutal epidemic. Make sure you and yours never ever ingest an opioid pain medication because it can trigger a storm of pure evil.

      • so_sad

        @billygraham The principle is the same.. “you reap what you sow,” “what comes around, goes around,” karma is defined as thus; “the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences,” altho Christians don’t believe in reincarnation, the principle is the same. If we stick our hand on fire, we get burnt. Sometimes bad things happen to good people thru no fault of their own, they are innocent of what caused their troubles or demise. Sometimes bad people seemingly breeze thru life without answering for their actions. Other people play in traffic and get run over and everyone wants to know why and says that’s not fair. In the afterlife all things are set right.
        Most people deserve a second chance in life if not more; it depends on how depraved a mind they choose to roll with and for how long. Grace is not a license to sin.
        Jesus told Mary Magdalene..”go, and sin no more,” He didn’t say;
        Go and sin like before
        Go and sin s’more
        or Go and sin all the more.

    • 🙄

      This article never mentions drugs yet everyone seems to know for sure this is why this young man was murdered. Even if he was an addict, no one deserves to die the way he did. We all need to hear the whole story before making assumptions and passing judgement. A mother lost a son and a daughter a father. Have a little sympothy for the family members. We all need to think how we would feel if it was our loved one and see people talking trash about them. Thoughts and prayers to his mom and daughter. I personally don’t care if he was addicted or not , I just don’t like to see anyone hurting and feel aweful about it. No parent wants to see their child die no matter what the circumstances are. Very sad 😟

      • Head in the sand

        Keep your head in the sand then. People with common sense realize the destruction that drugs cause. If this young man didn’t dabble with drugs and run afoul the real bad guys he’d still be alive today.

      • 🙄

        Let me tell ya something head in the sand, I know all about addiction. My niece and nephew (they’re brother and sister) are both addicts. My nephew was just in the hospital cuz he had blood poisoning and my niece got off the heroin and switched it with alcohol. I know how bad addiction is. Their mom has been through hell with this and I have been there for her. On top of it her other son is schizophrenic. So don’t tell me to bury my head in the sand cuz I know how bad it is and I still don’t believe this man deserves to die the way he did. So keep your rude, ignorant comments to yourself!

      • Head in the sand

        Nobody ‘deserves’ to die an untimely death at the hands of another, that I’ll agree with. Why the rant on addiction? I said nothing about addiction. These people that get involved with drugs are destroying their lives and in most cases making their loved ones life a living hell. Stop making excuses – what are YOU doing to help your family? Or are you just whining about it and doing nothing? Addiction CAN be beat – and I know that first hand because I’ve seen it myself. Man-up or continue to live with it.

      • 🙄

        There’s nothing you can do unless they themselves make the choice to get clean. It’s a choice to do the drugs and a choice to stop. My niece went to rehab and left after a couple of days. So unless they are ready to stop, you cannot do a darn thing for them. My nephew won’t go cuz he likes being high. So what do you suggest be done? He’s been in jail for a year and guess what, the first thing he did was get his fix when he got out. It’s all about choices period.

      • Head in the sand

        Somewhere along the line there are people that are enabling them to continue to be addicts. Chances are it’s family and friends. Borrowing money, giving them food and housing – it all adds up and allows them to continue. When they have no money, no place to stay, no food, they might reconsider their lifestyle. Or not, and eventually die an untimely death.

  • Didn't know that

    “He was a fantastic father,” I didn’t know that being involved with illegal drugs made someone a great father. I guess times have changed.

      • Jay

        You’re right PSUIN, the article printed nothing about his involvement with drugs. That’s what google is for.

        Bath salt distribution, no less. Nice!

      • so_sad

        “Nor perfect like you I suppose?” Wish I had a dollar for every time I hear someone say that! That’s everyone’s one liner who is trying to divert and get away with something. It’s like richard ramirez telling a 10 yr old it’s wrong to steal a candy bar.. smh
        And yes, it’s still sad. I did drugs years ago. Over 30 yrs clean and counting. It can be done. Opiates is the devil itself, and my heart is heavy and sad for those who are addicted. I was no addicted to opiates. Most of the drugs I took were “psychologically” addictive, not so much physical. Regardless, I still overdosed 3 times on different things. Dead is dead. I still crossed paths with bad people. Dead is dead. At some point a person with God’s help has to make the choice to turn their lives around.
        Whatever it takes to get clean even if it means taking yet another drug to help facilitate that but that alone won’t work. Can’t pick it up again.

      • MadAsHell

        Found that too..and he wasn’t a kid at the time..sooo wonder what this unfortunate end was about? Shame..bath salts..selling it to whom? moms? dads? teens?

  • A mother

    Whatever happened to not speaking ill of the dead. Your comments are ridiculous .This young man was a son and a brother and also was part of a family you all should at least have respect for the family and it is the hardest thing to do is bury a child no parent should ever have to do that. So please keep your .comments to yourself.

    • Duh

      Everyone is someone’s son or daughter. Please tell me what directs us to not speak ill of the dead? Let’s call this for what it is – another series of poor life choices that people enabled or turned a blind eye to – and now a young man is dead and a child is fatherless.

      • 🙃

        Ohhh my bad! Let me see if I give a shit….. hold on I’m still thinking.. nope I don’t! Don’t you love when people think they are tough behind a screen.. but never say shit to you like that in person! 🤔 Pussy!!! 😹

  • Mt. Carmel citizen

    Nobody mentioned this guys criminal lifestyle. He’s been involved with and arrested for illegal drugs, selling illegal drugs, possession of illegal drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia. Been involved with illegal drugs for many years and that should be reported.
    It’s sad that terrible things like this happen to people but when you live that lifestyle, nobody, including the family should be surprised.

    • Mike Curran

      Not the time Mt. Carmel citizen. If you’re opinion was so warranted, and error free, and wanted, why didn’t you have the balls to attach your name to it? The dude has been murdered… the nonsense you’re bringing up does not matter anymore.

      • Duh

        It’s exactly the time. WTH do you think got him killed? By not addressing and calling out the drug lifestyle. This wasn’t a car accident-the reason he was murdered matters a lot.

      • Mt. Carmel citizen

        It’s absolutely the time and the information does matter, now more than ever. Others who live in the area need to know this guy was not just randomly targeted by some nutcase that wanted to kill someone. People need to know the history and be made aware of what most likely happened in this case. The public doesn’t need to be worried that there is a maniac on the loose randomly slaughtering people.
        Why do you think the police chief declined to comment when asked if the public should be worried?….It’s because he knows there are other criminal drug dealers/users that are going to be responsible for this horrible crime. If there were a reason for the public to be concerned, the police would have made a public statement.
        This man would be alive today if he didn’t choose a life of illegal drugs, that’s a fact.
        At some point, the person(s) responsible will be caught and punished for the murder of this guy nicknamed “ICE”. Maybe it’s just coincidental that he’s nicknamed after illegal drugs?
        Everyone should have been made aware of this man’s background during the original news report, that was the exact time when information should be released.

    • Jess

      Well that seems like pertinent information to me, not that killing someone over drugs is ok but it lets us get a better picture of what happened if the story is going to be reported we need the whole story.

    • Mom of geniuses

      I am glad one druggie is gone now if the rumor mill is correct hopefully four will be locked up for life for murder. I just may donate the price of narcan to funeral fund. Forget saving. Let them die or kill each other the only way to get back our town. Mother of two babies. Aunt of heroin addict who blames everyone but themselves for their addiction.

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