Disgraced Judge Ciavarella Seeking New Trial

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HARRISBURG -- Former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella is in court in Harrisburg Thursday asking for a new trial.

Ciavarella was convicted in 2011 of fraud and money laundering in connection with the "Kids for Cash" scandal involving Luzerne County's juvenile detention center.

The former judge claims his defense lawyers did not do their jobs and that prosecutors did not disclose important evidence in the case.


  • Bob Smith

    I remembered this story when, I lived in Texas….. It was on news world wide. He denied kids an attorney and making them to stay longer in jail so, he was earning lot of cash including kickbacks and didn’t report to IRS.
    Poor attorney…. Oh really? I hope it will be denied again….. Also that snake lost everything including his wife too.

    • Bob Smith

      He got 28 years sentence and kids were released and their records were wiped clean.
      Plus another former judge was sentenced less…. I don’t recall his name.

  • seen it all

    Time to stop costing taxpayers money for crooked Judges , So just deny his request like he did to everyone who went before him expecting justice – I can list 6 corrupt judges right now and 4 still om bench! Does PA even have a valid court system with the Atty Generals office so corrupted ( and Judicial conduct board) This Judge got top pay and still was a crook.

  • Deez Nutz

    Don’t blame your lawyers, you were a judge and knew all the rules. He needs to accept what he did was disgraceful and stop wasting anymore taxpayers money. He is just an arrogant SOB that should spend the rest of his life in prison, not a minimum security country club either.

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