Carbondale Man Charged with Aggravated Assault

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  • Eric

    It’s unfortunate truthfully… I know Steve, his girlfriend and their child and he’s actually a pleasant man. I can’t speak about what happened because I only know what was put in print and it sounds horrible and many will judge him and/or her but really who cares what ppl think I just hope they get this straightened out and their family can recover and move on

  • El Ma

    Sheeeesh……….the man is 28 year old felon, the “girlfriend” has a 4-year-old child (assuming, different baby daddy), and I am no longer dismayed by these types of stories. Children are brought into this world without any guidance, and this woman chose this creep because nobody taught her any better. She didn’t deserve to be assaulted – nobody does. But, she chose this loser, and risked a child’s life as a result. Great……….

    • Tiffany

      Uhmm excuse me you have absolutely no idea what your talking about so you can take your assumptions and shove them up your ass! The child does not have a different man as a father . he’s honestly a really great guy obviously going through some shit in his life and I’m sure he’s extremely sorry for what he’s done.. But dont sit there and act as if you know the people personally when you dont! Get off your high horse

      • 🙄

        There’s no good reason for anyone to put their hands on anyone especially in front of an innocent child. Think of how traumatic that was for that little one. I get she chose that man as a boyfriend bit it still doesn’t give him a right to assault her. Think before you speak. Otherwise it’s just diarrhea of the mouth that comes out.

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