ATV Theft Caught on Camera

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PLYMOUTH -- Police are trying to track down the thieves who stole two ATVs in Plymouth and then loaded the vehicles into a U-Haul truck.

Tom Polomchak got surveillance video around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning showing a group of people stealing an ATV from a house on Reynolds Street in Plymouth and loading it into a U-Haul truck.

"Words can't even describe how I feel," said Polomchak. "I spent the next day from 5:30 in the morning, I didn't get back here until 8:30 at night, driving, driving to every U-Haul center within a 40-mile radius asking them for help."

His camera shows that some of the thieves first checked out the scene without masks or hoodies on. They came back later with their faces covered.

"They sneak down like this. this spotlight comes on and they're right in the full light of the light, plain as day you can see them."

Then, his recordings show someone pointed one of his surveillance cameras away from the ATV but luckily for Polomchak, his other cameras caught the rest of what happened.

"Since they couldn't get it started, they pushed it up the driveway here but all the other cameras have it clear as day."

Police say two ATVs were stolen that night and neighbors say a motorcycle was taken, too.

"The quad that I had sitting in the backyard, I envisioned my son when he turned 16, that was going to be his quad."

If you have any information about thefts, you're asked to contact the Plymouth Police Department.


  • KITT

    I don’t know if WNEP realizes this, but a lot of their viewers do ride or can differentiate one model from another. I know they kind of only report bad news (unless it is an organized event) if you enjoy any type of open air freedom in your spare time and they seem to only want the rest of us as talking points. No makes? No models? That information would be helpful if a viewer stumbles across this person’s lost property if you are trying to serve the community. I hate thieves. Lacking that information while having the title of “Journalist” is by proxy helping the thievery. Do you see it meow? A total disservice to the community at large. More property could be taken in this example of delusion. It might be yours or even theirs. Awesome at division. Not so good at math.

  • RicU.

    Unfortunately even with the cameras, this ATV and the other stolen vehicles are probably already sold as the nature of an off road vehicle is it never gets registered or plates put on it. That there were pictures, the ones I saw could have been sister. But given there are pictures, this is going to have to be a keep and sell or a quick sell. My guess is they are already in a storage shed somewhere.

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