Schuylkill County Man Killed in Cycle Crash in Berks County

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CENTERPORT, BERKS COUNTY — A motorcyclist from Schuylkill County is dead after he crashed while running from police.

State police say Kenneth Ferraiolo, 49, from Schuylkill Haven fled from troopers and crashed on Main Street in Centerport, Berks County, around 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Investigators say Ferraiolo was speeding away from troopers after an attempted traffic stop on Route 61 when he struck a car and was thrown from the bike.


  • Bill K.

    Oh, but “Look out for motorcycles! They’re everywhere!” How about “Motorcycles slow down and star obeying the same rules I have to obey in my car!”

  • Joe

    Its ironic how all this guys right wing buddies are blaming the cops for chasing a motorcycle over a redundant violation, but they’re all the first ones screaming how all those people who get shot by cops deserve it for resisting arrest or just being black.
    This idiot put the lives of other motorists in jeopardy by driving like that to begin with. People dont run the cops for no reason, he was probably illegally carrying guns. Now he’s dead. Thats one less trigger happy moron we have out there . Good riddance

    • Tommygunn

      The skook right wingers have a lot of anger it seems. But i think this guy was a hard worker owned his own business let him rip.

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