Medical Marijuana Facility in Danville Looking to Hire

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DANVILLE -- A job fair held in Montour County drew in hundreds of applicants interested in landing a job a new medical marijuana growing plant.

By December, Green Thumb Industries plans to hire about 10 people for supervisory positions at the facility in Danville.

More jobs are expected to be filled in the future.

"I'm interested in the extraction process and also in advocacy," said Holly Chmil-Jones of Lock Haven. "I also have several family members who have pretty dreadful health impacts and qualifications for the medical marijuana program here in Pennsylvania."

The facility is expected to open in the next six months.


    • Huh?

      Perhaps you’re too stoned or just not bright enough to figure it out – the article was posted at 10:59 PM on 9/13 – and says a job fair was HELD – so that’s past tense, meaning it’s already over. The name of the company was cleverly hidden in the second paragraph. It’s OK, smoke another bowl and get ready for your shift at Taco Bell. Live Mas!

      • HUH

        I would be very confident in saying many more people are productive citizens and gainfully employed who use marijuana than people who sit around trying to make fun of people in the comment section on…. get a life and worry about yourself

      • Huh?

        You have got to love stoners sticking up for stoners. Kind of like the looters in Florida taking TV’s and sneakers sticking up for BLM. Now THERE’S credibility for you. I’ve got a life – it’s called making fun of stoners that think they’re bright and contribute to society.

    • Susan E Phillips

      for a job fair no! once an offer of employment happens then, maybe, a drug screen like most jobs. You don’t have to test just to apply for a job.

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