Home Depot Helps Build Vietnam Veteran a New Ramp

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FRACKVILLE -- People were hard at work at a home in Frackville, sawing, drilling and hammering away, all to help a friend get to and from his house safely.

“This is a godsend for him. Now, when he goes anywhere, I won’t have to worry about him flipping off the sides,” said Stephanie Thomas of Frackville.

Robert is a Vietnam veteran and lost both his legs to diabetes. His wife Stephanie built him a makeshift ramp but realized it was too dangerous for him to use. She recently retired from Home Depot in Saint Clair.

It came through using the Home Depot Homer Fund which helps employees in need.

David Seresky got a crew together and started to build Robert a new ramp.

“They are volunteering their time. They are on their days off and they just come up and we take care of ourselves and we take care of the community,” said David Seresky, Pro Department Supervisor at Home Depot.

It wasn’t just a ramp. Home Depot workers are building a patio and garden and a fence to make life a little bit easier for the Thomas family.

“These people I work with, they are just awesome and when my manager came to me about getting this done for my husband and he put everything through, everybody came together and this is what happens,” Stephanie Thomas.

Robert Thomas says he was overwhelmed but grateful that he will have a safe way to get in and out from his house.

“It means a whole lot to us and we appreciate Home Depot for doing this for us,” Robert said.

Workers at Home Depot plan to finish up by the end of the week.

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