Body Found near Mount Carmel

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MOUNT CARMEL TOWNSHIP -- Investigators spent hours in a wooded area off Route 54 in Mount Carmel Township on Wednesday.

State police and township police were on scene collecting evidence. The Northumberland County coroner was there, as well.

The coroner tells Newswatch 16 a man's body was discovered in the area, which is a narrow road through the woods connected to a series of trails.

It's an area locals say is popular with people riding ATV's.

Officials will only say at this point that they are investigating a death.

An autopsy has been scheduled.


  • KITT

    You idiots are really making jokes about a loss of a life? And ‘The Skook’ is bad? I know some Skooks and other strong Pennsylvanians that you would ask for help. How much junk do you have to finance that you can’t afford until you have your license to judge an actual American culture? High horses fall over out of disgust. Go hang your heads for being cowardly and useless. Thank you.

  • Frantz

    Mt Carmel is where that Denny Barker guy was following a family around trying to molest children. That guy is a Deviant sex roamer. Mt Carmel might as well be in Schuylkill County.

  • Cuz

    I would like everyone to know that that man was my cousin and he was very much loved by his relatives which are many. I pray the police find you before his many relatives. What you have done is nothing short of cowardly. Nobody deserves to leave this world like that. Karma is a bitch!

  • JM

    You people are disgusting with your comments. This is someone’s son, grandson, nephew, cousin, father. He was loved by his family and friends, never hurt anyone and would give the shirt off his back to a stranger. I’m glad you degenerates think you’re comments are funny, but his family does not. I hope people are a bit more kind to all of you if a horrible tragedy like this may happen to your family. So I ask, as a close family member of the deceased to please keep your rude comments to yourself and let the family grieve without having to see your idiotic two sense.

    • Wrong is right?

      Every male is someone’s son, no shit Sherlock. Father, or just a sperm donor? From what I can tell from public records, this young man was involved with illegal drugs. So tell me again how dealing with drugs makes you a good father?

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