‘Mums’ the Word

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LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP -- With temperatures almost into the 80s, it may not feel like autumn yet, but one look at Tebbs Farms and Greenhouses near Montoursville and you know fall is nearly here.

"Fall has officially arrived," said Ashley Reidy. "I know when our parking lot is full of mums."

Hoping that the flowering plants would be ready to sell by Labor Day, thousands of mums were planted at Tebbs Farm back in June.  The family-run business has already sold hundreds to customers hoping to bring some color into the season.

"I drove by and they were beautiful and I had to have them. It's a sunny day and I'm putting them on my porch," said Brenda Larson.

This warm weather brings out customers.

Employee Ashley Reidy says colder temperatures are better for the mums.

"The cooler season is better because then the flowers don't pop right away because then the bud, it will last longer," Reidy said.

"I think this is right on time. I really do. It's the end of September, getting close to the end of September, and you want to keep them out. You want them to last," Larson said.

Tebbs employees tell us some of these could stay in bloom into late October, maybe even early November.

"We have the hardiest mums, so the sooner you get them and plant them in the ground, they are the type of plant that will come back every year for you," Reidy advised.

That's good news for Brenda Larson she's hoping to hold onto fall for as long as possible.

"I keep everything out until the middle of December because wintertime is a long time."