Local Grocery Stores Now Offering Home Delivery Service

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- This week, several grocery stores in northeastern Pennsylvania will start offering grocery deliveries to your home.

Depending on who you are, grocery shopping can either be fun or a pain. Now, several grocery stores in our area are offering a way to make grocery shopping a little easier for its customers. This week, Wegmans is one of the stores launching a grocery delivery service.

"I think it is a great idea," Emily Shufeldt of Scranton said. "I have a little one. It would be great to have the groceries delivered to me."

A company called "Instacart" actually delivers the groceries. This week, the company decided to expand its services to several communities in northeastern Pennsylvania.

"I think it is just the way of the world," Instacart Operations Manager George Shotz said. "People just want to spend their time doing other things, maybe spend more time with their families, maybe work is really crazy and you just don't have time to go grocery shopping because it can take you a while."

The service works just like a normal trip to the grocery store but it is all done online or through your smart phone. You pick out which groceries you want and someone delivers them to your home.

Local grocery store chain Gerrity's is also offering a similar service. Gerrity's has been doing online grocery shopping for the last decade. The store chain expanded home delivery recently by partnering with a service called "Rosie."

"As much as I hate to admit it most of the time, most people don't like to grocery shop," Gerrity's Supermarkets co-owner Joe Fasula said. "It's a chore. It's something where they have to go out and take an hour out of their time. This saves a lot of time."

Instacart will charge customers $5.99 for deliveries of $35 or more. Gerrity's delivery service costs $9.99 for orders of $25 or more. While many shoppers appreciate the service, there are some who said they prefer to stick with good old-fashioned grocery shopping.

"Shopping is a little more personal for me," Jonathan Samuel of Moosic said. "I have to be there to see and touch and feel and look at what I'm getting."

For more information on Gerrity's Delivers, click here. To learn more about Wegmans' service, Instacart, click here.


  • AL

    Great service for the elderly or the disabled. Completely nothing but laziness for all others. Sorry please don’t use children as the excuse for your laziness. I raised 4 kids worked 40+ hours, and still managed to be able to go to the grocery store.

  • Bob Smith

    You are not going to enjoy that much. Trust me. Back in 90’s I recalled that customers didn’t like or agreed how they choose. If it doesn’t meet your expectations. It’s best to choose ourselves.

  • 🙄

    It’s a great service for the elder but for this woman to use having a little one as an excuse is pathetic. I have 3 young children . My 9 yr old is 17 months older than my 8 yr old and my 8 yr old is 14 months older than my 7 yr old. And guess what, I took all 3 to the store when they were babies and I survived so using your kids as an excuse is pathetic like I said. Get a clue lady. Quit being lazy.

  • Lance

    For the old and infirm yes this is a great idea. But for the truly lazy and anti-social it is another easy way of sitting at home and be catered to. When these stores begin to close and giant warehouses like Wal-Mart and Amazon we will be able to look back on how it got started.

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