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Two Charged in Woman’s Shooting Death after Drug Deal Dispute

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FALLS TOWNSHIP -- Two men face homicide charges after the shooting death of a woman from Susquehanna County during an alleged drug deal.

State police said Micole Gumpper, 23, of Uniondale, died from a gunshot wound during a drug deal along Route 92 in Wyoming County Sunday night.

Jesse Long, 28, of Pittston, is charged with an open count of homicide.

Troopers said the victim and her boyfriend were following Long's car in a van on Route 92 after a dispute over a drug deal at the River Crest housing development.

Police say Long sold heroin to Gumpper, but after the deal, according to court papers, Gumpper thought Long gave her less heroin than she paid for. She ordered her boyfriend to drive their U-Haul van and go after the car Long was in along Route 92 in Tunkhannock Township.

Long, who was a passenger in the car, began to fire several rounds from a handgun and one of the shots struck Gumpper in the front of the head as she was seated in the van. She was taken to Tyler Memorial Hospital and then flown to Geisinger-CMC in Scranton where she died from her injuries.

Police charged Long, and the man they say drove the car carrying Long, David Bohner, 24, of Tunkhannock.

In court, Long said he fired the shots in self-defense.

Bohner and Long now face charges including criminal homicide. Long also faces weapons charges.

Both Long and Bohner are locked up without bail. They are scheduled to be in court next Tuesday.

So far, no charges have been filed against Gumpper's boyfriend.

*Corrected September 11, 2017 to reflect Jesse Long's age is 28.


  • Sr. Lois X. McCutchin of the Divine Miracle ministry

    Anybody can think of an excuse to evade accountability/culpability. This girl ‘ordered her boyfriend to drive’. And anybody with 2 atoms for a brain sees these people for what they are/were. **Pfft** A pig’s fart in the wind, so goes these lives.

  • Notfromwyomingcountyhappy

    For one Mikki was not a drug addict the one driving that was supposed to help her move must have needed his fix to help her she was a well educated girl from keystone that got involved with the wrong people when she needed help and as for long he is a wanna be that claims crip and he is from tunkhannock whole life his mom was a crack head and he was living in pittston but staying in river crest only one kid had children and she did not order him to chase long Dominic is just not wanting to get in trouble and no one is gonna just shoot I am sure Dominic had a gun as well just throw it out uhaul Mikki was in the wrong place at wrong time so sad for a beautiful young girl to suffer at the hands of a fake ass wannabe thug from a hick town tunkhannock has always been shit from drugs to no education who ever wrote this was just making a good story Dominic is also from tunk another wannabe badass she is the only one not from shit whole Wyoming county and the judge up there loves druggies he lets them off all the time and long is a druggie not a dealer facts wack ass town full of ignorent people scum 1/2 the population don’t have teeth smell from not being clean just go to the Wal-Mart up there after hours they all come out they go there on dates point being don’t say shit about someone you don’t know tragic and long was also one that has been a contribution to almost all the overdoses up there he was either there getting high or getting it for them loser finally maybe he will not be able to hurt anyone again to bad one of the bullets didn’t bounce back and kill him why he didn’t shoot at the driver don’t know but he claiming self defance joke and the other 2 need to be charged as well

    • Pat, can I buy a period?

      Wow, what a sentence. Hard to punctuate at 1:30am..

      If you lie with the dog, you wake up with fleas. They all claim to be occasional users, but they never stop until it is too late.

  • seen it all

    Really dumb , losers facebook pic says it all , What do you idiots see in Heroin – ( and your hep-C ) These addicts steal anything , sleep with anything and have and accomplish nothing , Winnners the whole lot.

  • Scott Robbins

    I knew Micole personally. This wasn’t her boyfriend. Just some hood rat she met a few weeks ago. Micole would never chase after these two thugs in a high speed chase. She was a very kind person. A pacifist. She didn’t operate like this. She just got mixed up with the wrong people. It was definitely this Dominic Peace. Dominic was driving. This Dominic person absolutely contributed to her death. The story being presented is a bunch of bullshit. I just talked to some of her friends. We all agree this is a totallly fabricated story.

    • A local

      Not fabricated enough that she was a heroin head. Smh. Excuses , excuses, excuses. If the gun did not kill her the needle would have. Weak society

    • E

      The way the story was presented bothers me too. I knew Mikki, though not entirely well. I do know her family, and whatever happened they don’t deserve it to be read the way it was presented.

    • John

      If this is just some hood rat, and not the boyfriend, than your theory has credence. Did she order the chase, or is this what those who lived to tell the tale ( and her driver) are using as cover?

      • John

        If this is just some hood rat, and not the boyfriend, than your post holds water. Did she order the chase, or is this what those who lived to tell the tale (and her driver) are using as their excuse?

      • E

        She is not.
        She was a beautiful young lady who got herself into trouble, with a beautiful, smart sister who I call, friend and kind and generous parents.

        Yeah, we’ll never know what happened.

  • Baz

    I think more emphasis should be put on the horrors of drug abuse and addiction in our schools. More police presence and regular walkthrough with dogs with also help. Also pharmaceutical companies have to be held accountable as well as doctors and walk-in clinics where all you need is the money walk in with cash walk out for with drugs. Face Effects pharmaceutical companies are the biggest drug dealers in the world.

  • Carolyn

    They live in a housing community? Why? They are doing drugs and I and every hard working American is paying for them and their drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to drug test!!!!! I am tired of paying to support drug addicts!!!!

  • Sasquatch

    I say we reform this thug named Jessie (haha) to clear IED’s in the korengal valley in Afghanistan to protect the real bad ass’s of the US military

  • Russ

    Oh, let me guess, it’s all our fault for each of these scumbags being involved with heroin, right? That’s right, blame it on society, it’s not their fault for making stupid decisions. Why these scumbags were just normal law abiding citizens until society just FORCED them to be hooked on and sell heroin. I should have known better. Believe that and all of rest of the crockpot full of bullsh**.

    • Me

      You know what Russ? Something is wrong w society when it’s got its youngest citizens committing suicide on a regular basis. It seems pretty regular to me…50k last year alone. In total more than the sum of the troops we lost in Vietnam. Yep, something is wrong. This is but a symptom of the problem. This country is in crisis. Where it stops, nobody knows.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Hey Archie, he was a convicted felon, why did he even have a GUN?!?! Gasp!

    Oh that FN RIGHT!!! Thugs and scumbags don’t follow the rules!!!

    The liberal argument is forever shattered by
    this simple parley between an idiot left wing biased reporter asking and obviously RETARDED AND LOADED QUESTIONS to an actual real world example of why gun control doesn’t work scumbag!

    Haha beautiful!!

    He needed it for “protechun yo!” Protection from druggies that he rips off.

  • A2B2C

    Just one more from Wyoming County who’s been let go too many times. Will this change the mind of anyone in authority? None of these were totally innocent but some have needed to be dealt with more seriously long before this!

  • andrew hartzell

    Well thats one reason to not buy drugs. #couldhavebeenanyone well you should also pay for what you buy as well so this don’t happen.

  • Redneck

    These ghetto gangstas might want to be a little careful trecking up here in the Northern Tier. We shoot on looks! We ain’t no Scranton/ Wilkesbarre that’s gonna tolerate this bullsh#t! Try us!

    • t.j.

      Really lol we shoot on looks??? He is from this “Northern Tier”.
      Bragging about shooting based on looks doesn’t make you any different than these ghetto gangstas, does it?

    • A local

      You sound real intelligent. Last thing we all knew about the Northern Tier is you have drug dealers. From Jersey, hiding out in Rock Lake, dicing bodies up and setting them on fire because of drugs. Some “Northern Tier” .

    • K Lincoln

      That’s why its so easy for stuff like that to happen up here….u can thank the ETPD and the Falls PD for that… one monitors RT.92….its an easy rout from Pittston, through harding and falls n up to Tunk. Nice, wooded and secluded.Perfect for the kind of people. Thanks to our police up here….its moving up this way…more then u know….They laugh at our half a** cops……Kinda scary knowing those ppl drove rite by my house….twice….

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