Talkback 16: John Oliver Gives WNEP a New Backyard Train

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It happened again. Talkback 16 and our backyard train were once again featured on HBO's "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver."

Other topics include students walking out of class at Palmerton Area High School, tentative teachers strikes, paving projects, and college football on broadcast television.


  • Randall Brink

    I believe that the train should be put in the Mall at Steamtown so everyone can get an closeup look at it.I only say this because your own people have said that the backyard is too small for such a huge display,besides, it would be good P.R. for your station!

  • Steve

    We the scrantoniens are old school coal crackers the trains and miners were the heart of our city. thank you John Oliver we love the show! I was nervous you were going to bust on us about the train thing bc the people who live here are passionate about their heritage,and we have a fair share of psychos that might take a diss about our train thing personally and would prob cause horrible chaos. your front yard would be filled with our insane picketing crazy people lol

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