Rail Cars Vandalized

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WHITE DEER TOWNSHIP -- Windows on three rail cars near Lewisburg are shattered. Someone threw rocks inside the cars. The windows of a small building were also broken. State police say the damage happened sometime over the weekend.

"They're just breaking things for the fun of breaking things," Ronald Johnson said.

Johnson is president and station master of the Union County chapter of the National Railway Historical Society. It's a non-profit organization which promotes the historical development of railroads. It's a place where bus driver Joanne Edison has taken children on field trips. She is disappointed to hear about the smashed windows.

"That's real sad because they're trying to restore that place so people can enjoy it. They put the new bridge in so they can go back and forth. It's really disturbing," Edison said.

"They're not taking anything. They're not stealing anything. There's really not a whole lot of stuff of value," Johnson said.

While there is nothing of value inside the rail cars. The cars themselves are a different story.

"There's two one-of-a-kind cars there. If they destroy those cars, there's no replacements for them," Johnson said.

If you have any information about the vandalism you are asked to call state police.

Johnson tells Newswatch 16 they are upgrading the security system so this does not happen again.


  • JD

    They’re just breaking things for the fun of breaking things. Sounds a whole lot like the libtards that protest just for the sake of protesting things. Endless circle. BTW: George Soros still owes the protesters of the last “protest” and they want their money now!

    • i_see_hypocrites

      I used to live in that area, mostly sonza ”good ‘ol boys,” over there, but neither are so very good sometimes.Proves you don’t have to be from the city to be a troublemaker.

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