In Lackawanna County, Marking the 16th Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks

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SCRANTON -- People gathered at McDade Park in Scranton Monday morning to mark the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Adam Rupert held his son in his arms, hoping to teach him the weight of the attacks, even at an early age.

“Even though he is real little, I want him to know what happened that day,” Rupert said.

People in McDade Park remembered the nearly 3,000 who lost their lives that day from New York City, to Washington D.C., to Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Army Staff Sergeant Earl Granville from Carbondale made a sacrifice of his own after the attacks.

“When I was deployed to Afghanistan, I lost my leg through the knee. I also lost two of my comrades, Specialist Derek Holland of Wind Gap and Major Scott Hagerty of Stillwater, Oklahoma,” SSG. Granville said.

Firefighters watched solemnly, knowing so many did what they could to save the innocent that day, but remembering change can be won today, too.

“Kindness is free,” Scranton Fire Chief Pat DeSarno said. “Kind words are very free, if you want to buy somebody a Dunkin Donuts coffee in line or just help somebody with something, kindness is free.”

In that spirit, firefighters honored their fellow first responders by ringing a bell. They said with every ring, brave souls know their duty is finished.

“Probably could feel the ones who have fallen looking over us,” Rupert said.

People in the crowd said although those nearly 3,000 people may be gone, they are certainly not forgotten in Scranton.


  • jim

    How they did it boggles my mind. On a plane you have doctor’s, lawyer’s, very smart people. And how many men that are in good physical heath and strength. Then some tone skinned brother’s stand up and start speaking jibber jabber in broken English, . and Even if they did have a knife you’re telling me 10 (probably over 60 guys on a plane and some women that are built like men) or more men on the plane can’t all get together and get those suckers. Something is not right at all.

  • Lance

    I lost some good friends in the twin towers. I worked there myself but quit when I moved to the poconos. I was lucky. So are countless others . It is fitting that we take the time to remember

      • Lance

        I have been here long enough to be proud to live here. But maybe you and your cow tipping, meth using,pervert kind are worried that some people can have a thought in their head that wasnt a stupid remark like you had just made


      Are you one of those people that tells everyone the second you meet them “I’m from New York” I hated those people. “I’m from New York where it’s like walking through a landfill and fighting off rats the size of cats

    • Go away troll

      Sad, pathetic little man. What’s the matter Archie, no gun stories to blather and foam at the mouth today, so you decide to troll on 9/11 stories?

    • Are you for real?

      You got to be kidding? What kind of mental pygmy are you that thinks this was fake news. You heart and brain must be in your ass.

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