Commemorating 9/11 in Central Pennsylvania

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BLOOMSBURG -- As students at Bloomsburg University walked to class, many of them stopped to stare at flags on the academic quad. There are 7,000 flags placed one foot apart from each other.

Bloomsburg University's ROTC students set them up. Each flag represents one serviceman or servicewoman.

"The casualties that have passed away as a result of what happened that day," explained Emily Later of Bloomsburg University ROTC.

In Danville, first responders held their annual prayer ceremony to remember the lives lost on 9/11.

"Even if you get a small percentage of the people who live here to come out, even if it's different people every year, that's more people that are impacted," said organizer Eamon Schoff.

Schoff is a constable in Montour County and organized this event at Memorial Park in Danville. It's in its third year.

"It was a clear decision that God put in my heart that I really needed to come here and just pray with people."

Several first responders came from Montour County.

"It's important we take the time out of our busy days to recognize 9/11," said Mahoning Township Police Sgt. Matt Gerst. "It's humbling, that's for sure."


  • Joe Snuffy

    The 9/11 memorial was spearheaded by BUSVA Bloomsburg University Student Veterans Associaltion. Many of these students put their lives on hold while they fought and bled for this country before they came to BU.

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