Caregiver Accused of Assaulting Woman

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PORTER TOWNSHIP -- A caregiver is locked up for allegedly assaulting a woman who is bedridden.

State police say Steve Hassinger, 61, of Mill Hall, slapped, pushed, and put a pillow over the victim's face on Saturday.

He's charged with strangulation, simple assault, and harassment in Clinton County.


  • JD

    Whoa! Simple assualt. Simple assualt? Are you kidding me? Yeah, simple on his part because the coward took advantage of someone that couldn’t fight back. Wonder how simple it would’ve been if she’d been packing and knew how to use it!

    • i_see_low_lifes

      Makes one all warm and fuzzy inside knowing there are depraved and despicable individuals such as these among us.

    • Bob Smith

      Anti-social behavior…. Abuse from parents, siblings, relatives, and more. Abusive behavior result from mental health issues or disorders such as anger management. Explosive disorder, alcoholic and drug problems. People can get tired of burden in helping others can turn into mental and emotional abuse. Back in early 1999 in Texas when, I was in the hospital for brain hemorrhage. One day, I was awake by slapped on my cheek by a old, ugly little nurse from India with dyed red hair. Very ugly. I was very limited movement….. I couldn’t defend myself! Indian culture into abuse is the answer.

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