Annual Motorcycle Ride to Commemorate 9/11

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MONTGOMERY -- Thousands of bikers are rallying Monday night in Lycoming County for the annual 9/11 Memorial Ride in Montgomery.

With thousands of bikers on hand for the event, it could take a while for all of the riders to get on the road.

It's an event started by bikers for bikers and their communities just two days after the Twin Towers collapsed on September 11, 2001.

"It's attention-getting when you drive down the street, even four or five motorcycles. Heads turn and we knew it could be used and has been used in the past for causes," said Tank Baird, President of 9/11 coalition.

"A lot of people died that day for absolutely no reason and that's why we're here to show our respect to that," said Brian Morris of Millville.

Back in 2001, Donald Garrison drove an ambulance for Berwick Area. Garrison and a few others at the ride were in New York just one day after the terrorist attack.

"We helped a lot of people that were injured," he recalled. "we tried to help the fire man dig people out."

"That's why we wear glasses," Morris said. "Most of the people in here, when everything starts, there's not a dry eye in this place."

"As long as this keeps going, I'll be here," Garrison added.

Get more information on the 9/11 Memorial Coalition here.

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  • Bob Moran

    “It’s attention-getting when you drive down the street, even four or five motorcycles.”

    There you have it, folks.

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