Students, Teachers, Staff at Wyoming Seminary Giving Back

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KINGSTON -- More than 500 students, teachers, and staff at Wyoming Seminary spent the day lending a helping hand to those in need in Luzerne County.

students, teachers, and staff give back

Students in an art classroom at Wyoming Seminary in Kingston were busy making pottery for the school's day of service. The bowls will be donated to the Empty Bowl Project, which works to feed the hungry.

"With the bowls, we're selling them all so the proceeds go to homeless people and people who can't feed themselves," said senior Avani Pugachendhi.

This is just one of many rooms full of students giving back to organizations throughout Luzerne County and they weren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

"I have students in this classroom that have never had their hands in clay before and they have made gorgeous bowls," said Wyoming Seminary art teacher Colleen Ayers.

"Usually community service is thought of as work, like you struggle, it's so hard. But this is more than just work because you're thinking about helping somebody else and you're creating something that you'd never have the chance on a normal school day," said senior Sophie Polgar.

Students aren't just making ceramic bowls for the hungry, they're also serving our country by writing letters to our military.

Freshman Kate Getz is writing her thank-you note. She hopes hearing from someone new comforts the service member who gets her letter.

"Somebody who wants to communicate with them that is different, like a freshman from a random high school in Pennsylvania can talk to someone in Iraq, you know?" Getz said.

Students took pictures with the letters and stuffed animals they're sending through Operation Gratitude.

With one big take away: it feels good to give back.