Students Protest After Principal’s Alleged Firing

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PALMERTON -- Dozens of Palmerton Area High School Students protested their principal's apparent firing this week.

Many of the students walked out of class Friday and staged a protest on the school's front lawn.

"She was fired without any reason given to us and she was the best principal that Palmerton has ever seen," student Sierra Hahn said. "She changed this town completely. There is so much more Bomber pride in Palmerton."

Students tell Newswatch 16 they were given an "illegal absence" for participating in the protest.

Some parents of students at the high school are also upset about the alleged firing because they haven't been told much.

"You know, there are two sides to every story," Matthew Wentz, whose son goes to Palmerton High said. "My biggest problem is, I know the school board has been totally silent about this and I have no idea why and I think that's why a lot of the students are angry and why a lot of the parents seem to be angry about the whole situation.

Newswatch 16 went to the school district's main office to speak to the superintendent and find out more about what happened. A person with the district would only speak to us through an intercom from outside the of the building. She told us the superintendent had no comment.

Students are hoping the protest for Husar will get the school district's attention, and bring back their principal to the school.

"She drives three hours round-trip to school every day and she cares about every single student here and we all love her dearly and just want her back," Hahn said.

Newswatch 16 could not get ahold of the principal and our call to the school board has yet to be returned.


  • taxpayer

    PA is a fire at will state however the school board has to address the firing.

    This isnt some private bussiness that can just say say none of your bussiness. The district are stewards of public funds and have to explain whenever public funds are being saved or spent!

  • What was that sound?

    “”She was fired without any reason given to us and she was the best principal that Palmerton has ever seen” Said the High School student that has been there for – maybe – two years and a month? What was that sound? That was the sound of a life lesson – not everything is your business – you don’t always get explanations for things that happen. Move along.

  • Bob Smith

    Their issue is private….. It happened anywhere whoever got fired and resigned. It’s none of our business to know. Right now, the need to move on.

    • Donamick

      that is a very public issue and that one that’s none of our business and should be swept under the rug it’s a public school and the public has a right to know everything!!

      • Huh?

        Wrong. Did they consult the taxpayers or get their approval when she was hired? So why do you think you are owed an answer when she is terminated from employment? It’s none of your business.

  • TrumpTrainOne

    the school district collects public taxes and the best you can do is talk to Newswatch 16 through and intercom!

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