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Paving Work to Begin on Scranton Streets

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SCRANTON -- It should be a smoother drive through parts of Scranton thanks to a big new paving project that's about to get underway.

Officials with the city of Scranton have signed off on a paving project to fix up more streets in the city.

Drivers say potholes are taking a toll on their cars and it's about time something gets done.

Harold Bauer has lived in Scranton all his life and says streets on East Mountain like Wintermantle Avenue and Laurel Drive are in bad shape.

"The roads are being torn up a lot," said Bauer. "They are being torn up everywhere you go and it is really rough. I just got a new vehicle over there and it is just rough on it especially when you are going over those pave cuts."

Bauer says drivers have to either avoid the potholes or drive through them hoping they don't cause serious damages.

City officials are hoping with new paving project drivers will have one less thing to worry about.

Sections of East Mountain, Green Ridge, West Scranton, Keyser Valley, South Scranton, and Minooka will all see improvements to the streets and avenues when the $1.3 million city paving project begins later this month.

The streets weren't so bad where Joseph Churilla lives on East Mountain but still, any kind of improvement helps.

"The rest of the area is in dire straits," Churilla said. "A lot of roads need to be paved more so that the roads right here but we will take it."

Bauer says he excited for the smooth new roads coming down his street.

"Anywhere I can find new pavement I try to take that route."

Officials are hoping to start repaving the streets of Scranton in the next couple weeks. When the work will be completed depends on the weather.


  • Donamick

    the streets in this god-forsaken town have destroyed four or five of my vehicles. But nothing I can do about it
    there should be something illegal about the way the streets are in Scranton and certainly about the way that they leave them after they cut them I’ve cut three or four of my tires driving over them cutting big slices in my tires

  • WS resident

    And when the clueless paving company that bids too low does not know how to pave properly near manhole covers, you will still have a 6 inch drop in hole to navigate. Just look at main avenue in West Side!!! You could lose a tire in some of them!! Still not fixed 2 years after paving the whole road from Taylor to the Expressway.

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