Marshalls Creek Burglars Caught on Camera

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Police are looking for two burglars who targeted a convenience store in the Poconos stealing a lot of lottery tickets and a lot of money.

Majid Sayed owns several gas stations in the area, including a U.S. gas station in the Marshalls Creek area.

Late Sunday night, two people burglarized his store, stealing thousands of dollars in cash, as well as lottery tickets.

Security footage shows two people working at a frantic pace to steal as much as they can. They worked so quickly that they were able to get in and out of the store in in just four minutes.

The flawless execution leads Sayed to believe that this crime on Milford Road was pre-planned.

"They entered the store with a key, then they made a call to someone and someone was walking them through on the phone and gave them the pass code to disarm the system, so the security system at 11:52 was shut down," Sayed said. "They broke in and they knew exactly which spots to go to. They knew where my office is, they knew where the safe is. They knew where my change is kept and it seems like they were familiar with the cash drawers as well because they were able to open the cash drawers."

Because it was a holiday weekend, the criminals were able to get away with three days of earnings. For a young business owner, that's a very difficult hurdle to overcome.

"It's a big hit. I'm a small business owner. It's hard times. It's already hard to survive in a competitive market nowadays and when something like this happens, it just takes you one step forward and takes you 10 steps back."