Arrest Made in Connection with Robbery at Susquehanna University

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SELINSGROVE — Police have made an arrest in connection with a robbery at Susquehanna University in Snyder County nearly two weeks ago.

Police say 19-year-old Rasheed Hill faces theft, assault, and other charges after that incident in Selinsgrove.

Selinsgrove police say Hill and another suspect roughed up a student in a dorm.

According to police, they plan to arrest at least one other person after the robbery in Snyder County.



  • Lance

    Cant show a pic of this thug because he is a black male. And that would be insulting to many groups including BLM because that would make it harder to deny why sometimes racial profiling happens.

    • trash is trash

      So what’s your point Lance? You are apparently just so excited that there is *finally* (possibly) a crime by a black male after hundreds of crimes here of disgusting sexual predators, bank robberies and murders by white people. Having found one story, you can feel vindicated that your theory that only black and brown people commit crimes must be true. Sad. Trash comes in all colors.

  • What was that sound?

    Rasheed be saying: “I hope I get a scholarship somewhere big my grades are good Enough my skills and work ethic is good enough but could be great”. What was that sound? That was the sound of any hoop dreams or scholarships flying out the window because you decided to be a thug. Don’t forget folks, the original report of this story said the crime was committed with a firearm. That escalates things for Rasheed. Bye-bye, NBA. Hello Big House.

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