Water Circus Comes to Lycoming Mall

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MUNCY TOWNSHIP -- When shoppers walk into the Lycoming Mall near Muncy, they are used to seeing cars in the parking lot. This week they see blue and white tents and lots of RVs.

"I saw all the RVs sitting there and I thought, 'Wow! something big is happening here in Pennsdale,'" said Shelley Fry.

It's called "Cirque Italia." It features acts from all over the world. There are no animals, just water and a moving stage.

"It's a stage with a water fountain design. There's only two places in the world you can see this design. It's here Cirque Italia and Dubai," Emiliano Fusco explained.

Emiliano and Max Fusco are the Amazing Fusco Brothers. They are from Argentina and have a juggling act in the show.

Newswatch 16 caught up with the identical twins as they practiced for the show.

"We practice really hard. Our act is technical with fire. we go up in the air and people love it," Fusco said.

Max is the Guinness World Record holder for juggling five pins for 47 minutes.

While crews inside are busy setting up the stage for the shows, people outside are intrigued.

"Well, this is definitely different for this area. I don't think we've ever seen anything like this before," said Bill McGuire of Montgomery.

Tickets to Cirque Italia are available at the Lycoming Mall location or online.

Adult tickets range from $25 -$50 dollars. The water circus runs through Sunday.


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