Texas Shelter Dogs Displaced by Harvey Arrive Here

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- Dogs that escaped Texas after Hurricane Harvey are looking for new homes in our area.

They arrived at Camp Papillon Animal Shelter in Monroe County around 2 a.m. Thursday.

Oreo, Nilla, and Hudson are three dogs from Texas looking for new homes in the Poconos.

After Hurricane Harvey, Texas shelters had to clear out the dogs they had to make room for lost animals waiting to be reunited with their families.

Two Camp Papillon volunteers helped with the massive animal relocation effort. Dawn LaMura was one of them.

"The operation there just blew you away. It was just amazing," LaMura said.

LaMura and Camp Papillon founder Gerri Papillon drove 30 hours to pick up about 30 dogs in Texas.

On their way back to Hamilton Township in the Poconos, they dropped most of them off at other shelters participating in the relocation.

"I just had that calling inside me to say, you know I really want to go. I want to help these dogs," said LaMura.

Seven of the Texas dogs made the full journey all the way back to Pennsylvania. They are available for adoption.

Camp Papillon volunteers are pleading with the community to adopt these pets as soon as possible, in part because the shelter is overwhelmed with animals right now. They still have about 30 cats that need homes that were rescued from a hoarding situation about two weeks ago.

"The faster we get them out of here, the more we can help long term," said director of operations Terri Zuber.

While the journey was long and exhausting, Dawn says it was worth every minute to see these animals happy.

"It was overwhelming at some points in time but I was just thrilled to do it every step of the way."


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